Cross the way forward to a wonderful life

Always like a song, no reason, just like; has been performing a song, there is no excuse, just interpretation; has been crazy a song, no extravagant hope, just obsessed. Under the starlight, dance yourself and wander with the wind; on the stage, sing yourself and fly with your heart; in the years, through the road to a wonderful life!

Life is a road, there are muddy, smooth road, flowers, thorns, work hard to go further; life is a tea, people are where the tea in the water, there are ups and downs, tea leaves fall, tea fragrance overflowing; life is a book, the book is born in spring, summer, autumn solstice, winter, the book is full of joys and sorrows; life is a battle, to win not only have strength and courage, but also wisdom and strength. Life is a tranquil lake with occasional ripples; life is a ray of sunshine that illuminates every inch of land. Life is wonderful; life is beautiful; happiness is infinite. Experience life, endless aftertaste.

Life is like a cup of coffee, bitter with astringent. There are both hardships and joys on the way of life, and it is better to let life pass through happiness than to let life pass through bitterness.

Coffee is bitter, from which we can add more sugar and milk. But what about life? Will life be like coffee with more sugar and milk so that it won't be bitter? Life is spent by yourself, whether it is bitter or happy can not be solved by a little sugar and a little milk, but by yourself.

The distant road is bumpy and rugged, difficult to presuppose, difficult to grasp, but the scenery is still the same; although it is hard to work, it is difficult to place, it is hard to say, but it is no longer coming back to the beginning; maybe it is getting more and more tired, maybe it is getting easier and easier, maybe it is more and more helpless, but you have to go, keep going, and keep going.

Not afraid of strangers, not afraid of no road, because the foot is the road, the side of the road is also the road!

Love is not a mood, but a feeling. Often inexplicably lost, it is because there is a castle in the heart, there is a mournful fairy tale; often in a daze, it is because there is a side of the sky in the heart, there is a clear out-of-print aesthetic silhouette; often quietly weep, that is because tears are a call, is a heart-breaking shock.

It's not that I can't forget, but I can't forget; it's not that I can't afford to hurt, but I've been in the habit, in life.

The true feelings are speechless, but they are silent. Each other, is the most sincere encounter in each other's years, the throbbing at that moment, enjoy interpretation, has become a habit; each other, is a cup of tea in each other's hearts, that moment of melting, heartily circulation, has turned into tears; each other, is the eternal theme of each other's dreams, that deep feelings, heartily surging, has been condensed into life.

Perhaps there is no tomorrow, there is only the persistence of the heart, the calmness of the heart, the mutual preservation of the heart!

A dream is actually a lonely journey. Although out of reach, bumpy and bumpy, as long as there is a dream, the pace will be easy; no matter how much ridicule, how much doubt, as long as the heart, wind and rain is baptism; although bruised and painful, as long as there is love, anything is possible. The years with dreams are monotonous and beautiful; the life with dreams is bitter and sweet; the life with dreams is natural, wonderful and beautiful!

Raise your head and stare not at the distant sky, but at your own tears; close your eyes and listen to your own heart instead of familiar ballads; reach out and grasp not the engraved feelings, but the moonlight on your white hair. Run frantically in the rain, but wet the back behind the window; frantic heartbeat, but can not stop the resolute pace; the call from heaven and earth, but forever agitation in the other side of the heart!

In life, many things are not only gained, but also lost. When I was young, I longed to grow up, but when I grew up, I found that I had lost my childhood. When I grew up, I longed for sweetness, but when I entered the besieged city, I often missed my freedom. The journey of life is boundless, but my heart can never go back to the beginning.

Remember: face, not necessarily the most sad; lonely, not necessarily unhappy; get, not necessarily long. Cherish the possession, live with your heart, have no regrets, surpass the way forward and move towards a wonderful life!

Author: pragmatic and enterprising