Fight for your dreams

Young people always have all kinds of ideas, and the oath of youth is always on the lips. No matter where we are, it can reflect the vitality of our young people, and the university is a place where young people gather most. There will be more things happening here, and the thoughts in it will be more abundant.

When we come to college, we always have too many ideas and spend every day in a hurry. It seems to be so busy, but when you calm down, you will find that you don't know what you are busy with. I can't even find my own sense of direction.

When this time comes, there will be a variety of forms to express their differences in this period. Because they are young people, some strange ideas and lifestyles will appear. Some people began to play games all day, some people began to go shopping instead of classes, and some people began to play truant for all kinds of clubs. Few people can really understand what they have done all day, only know that youth is precious and can not be wasted, but do not know how to really cherish it.

The topic of adapting to society was mentioned very early in the university, and everyone was so busy adapting to this society that they had no time to think about why they did it. It was just a gust of wind in the university, and everyone followed.

But slowly everyone will find that this so-called slogan of adapting to society and laying the foundation for one's own work is actually just an air. Those facilities in the university are just a kind of decoration, wasting time there every day, and there is nothing really learned.

More and more confused, we can not find the direction, no one can really tell us what to do. And we can only waste our time and our youth every day. It will feel good in my heart, but there is no other way. Four years in the university is so long, can only live in this way, can let oneself have a little to rely on.

In the face of exams and studies, more and more fake things appear. Everyone has become less fond of learning and no longer reading. Flying around like a fly all day. Instead of taking a little time to think, where is our way?

A quiet winter vacation, a frozen holiday on campus, has been struggling to find their own direction.

Maybe it's God's eye, maybe it's the auspicious year of the Tiger, and this direction is getting clearer and clearer in my mind.

That is to fight for your dream!

Set a goal for your life, give yourself a clear hope for the future, and give your life a directional light. Let us strive for this direction, constantly surpassing ourselves, improving our level, and not allowing ourselves to slack off.

More and more young people feel the importance of having goals, ideals and dreams. This is the driving force for them to move forward, this is the direction of their action, and this is the beacon of their life struggle. Only in this way can our youth not grow old and die forever.

Young man, everybody up! Fight for your dreams!