Give yourself a round of applause

On the long way of life, there are always a series of negative emotions, such as loneliness, loneliness, failure, depression and so on. At these times, should we give ourselves a little applause?

Give yourself a round of applause

Let me overcome my inner cowardice.

Give yourself a round of applause

The fearless heart is more firm.

Give yourself a round of applause

Warm the way I walk alone.

When there is no one, I like to ask myself: who is the long-term audience in your life? Friends, relatives or other people you know or don't know for a while?

And the heart often seems to hear such a voice: only you are the audience in your life drama, and only you can accompany you from the opening to the closing. In this life, how can you be accompanied by applause? Time is fleeting, life is short, in a hurry for decades, why let yourself live too lonely, in the appropriate time to give yourself a little applause, even if sometimes others do not understand, I fly to the world. Reading and appreciation of American articles

Give yourself a little applause, not only to fill the empty soul, but also to experience more ups and downs on the road of life, and a kind of calm, two-part self-confidence, one-third appreciation and one-fourth responsibility.

When you are tired, tired

I'm not going to make it. Give yourself a round of applause.

When you succeed, you are proud.

Everything is fine. Give yourself a round of applause.

When you wake up and think

The good or bad has gone flat, give yourself a little applause.

This little applause, accompanied by a person's life, no matter how the beginning, no matter what the outcome, all we have to do is to give ourselves as much applause as possible in the course of life, whether given by others or self-affirmed.

With a little more applause, you will have more confidence in life.

With a little more applause, the future will be brighter.

With a little more applause, life will have more hope.

Slowly began to grow up, gradually understand the meaning of life, at any time, in the face of any difficulties, will not lower the high head; just like the sunflower under the sun, even if depressed, but also face the sun.

Instead of complaining, I learned to be tolerant, to treat everyone with a natural and ordinary state of mind, to live every day in a down-to-earth manner, and to form my own shot in my heart to measure the world. Human feelings, friendship is good or bad depends on their own judgment, for their own actions, dare to bear.

Everyone has their own views on reality, but for me, it is really good. All the people I have met along the way are good people, dignitaries, perhaps as teacher Xu Heling said: when a person has a positive attitude and strives to make progress, then what he attracts must also be positive, positive and positive.

So no matter under any circumstances, do not forget to maintain a positive heart and expectations of good things, so that your life will be full of sunshine, life, will also bloom wonderful. Give yourself a round of applause, because the road ahead is long but not alone, hard but full of sunshine.

Give yourself a little applause, affirm yourself, believe in yourself, and be yourself.