Find someone to feed your soul.

Live to a certain age, suddenly feel the soul awake, suddenly want to seek inward, suddenly feel nothing more lonely and empty than walking in the bustling crowd, always feel that all living beings noisy, wandering soul nowhere to place.

Bi Shumin said that the so-called happiness is the achievement of the soul. Zhou Guoping said that the so-called perfection of life is to take good care of life and settle down the soul. I also believe that the taste of happiness for happy people is similar. The biggest difference between people lies in the difference between soul and soul. If a person can take good care of his life and improve and enrich his soul, then his life should be complete without regret.

Find someone to feed your soul.

I always feel that the reason why beautiful people are beautiful is not that they have flower-like pretty faces, because flowers always wither, but because they have a pure good soul, a clean heart, and a pair of clear eyes; the reason why happy people are happy is not that they have rich materials, but that their souls can fly freely and their hearts can dance freely.

Where is the resting place of the wandering soul, where is the harbor of the wandering soul? In fact, a lover who communicates with each other is enough to comfort the dust, a firm belief is enough to comfort the soul, a quiet courtyard is enough to house the displaced soul, even a flower, a grass, a moss inlaid with the mark of time, are enough to temporarily send a broken heart.

When the soul is truly awakened, life will be especially bright and surging; when the light within life is truly excited, even if the sky is not moon, the heart will be clear.

Find someone to feed your soul.

I have always believed that the most advanced makeup is the elegance of the soul, and the nobility and beauty of the soul must come from the support and nourishment of love, and the most comfortable and happy place to deposit the soul is the arm bend and atrium of the lover.

Think more, with the most pure eyes, with the most affectionate attachment, this life is as clear as heaven and earth, every day is light and determined, every good thought and enthusiasm are sprinkled on the heart shore of imagination, so that the soul is pure and unstained like white lotus.

How much I want to meet you in the early spring when the sun will warm and flowers will bloom, so can I regard every day as spring coming, can I find myself in the mirror more beautiful day by day, can I spend this mixed life with you in the morning and evening?

Find someone to feed your soul.

We all know that everyone has a dead corner, where the deepest secrets are hidden; everyone has unknown wounds, where the most red blood is painted; everyone has tears behind the smile, where the most bitter grievances are collected; everyone also has a burning flame, where the hottest tenderness is placed.

Such a dead corner can only be entered by those who understand, such wounds can only be healed by those who love, such tears can only be stirred by those who love, and such flames can only be ignited by those who are similar in soul.

Find someone to feed your soul.

If one day you can bloom like a flower, be contented like a grass, and sing like a bird, then you must have found a resonance in the depths of your soul, and you must have found a place where your soul rests, and this place must be a place of refuge for love, perhaps a hobby that inspires the spirit, or perhaps a lover who knows each other.

Life is too fast, may you take care of your life, settle your soul; may you find someone to support your soul, accompany you at dusk, ask you how warm your porridge is, understand you from your hair to your old age

Author: Taoyuan wild chrysanthemum, original name: Wu Pei, a woman dancing in the text.