Let's see whether he loves you or not. You'll know by blocking you once.

I am a stupid woman, desperate to love a person, willing to accompany him to eat bran vegetables, willing to wait until he is mature and responsible, I only have a small wish in my heart, that is, I hope that he can treat me 1/3 as good as I do to him, so I will be enough.

Do not want to leave him is not because he is the best, nor because he is afraid to find a better, but he is him, I can replace, but my single-mindedness and infatuation let him become unscrupulous, planted in his heart is I can not leave his seed, he never knows how to cherish what it is, it is because he has never lost.

Recently, because we are in a different place, because of his carelessness, I am often very frustrated, disappointed and tired. I don't want to take the initiative again and again. I tell him from the bottom of my heart again and again, and he doesn't care about me or understand me. At most, in those two days when I confided a lot, he would deliberately greet me, and then he was so silent. It makes me feel like I prayed for his occasional concern for me.

No matter how much I love, I can't stand the disappointment again and again. I no longer say anything from the bottom of my heart with him. I also broke my heart. If he doesn't contact me, then forget it. Just let the feelings talk slowly.

One night he sent me a video, and I didn't feel cordial. The topic he said would not mention a word of concern for me, but would happily talk about him. I didn't agree with him. I just listened quietly. As a result, he said that I was not interested. He also said that he had nothing to say to people like me, so he hung up the video and said this sentence with uncivilized words. His tone was full of complaints and impatience. It's like I'm his enemy.

At the moment when I hung up the video, for a minute or two, I was completely confused. I was so calm that I didn't want to cry or heartache. I felt very sad when I recalled his tone in a few minutes. I was desperate about this relationship, not disappointed.

After that, I added his Wechat, QQ and phone number to the blacklist, and besides these, I could still think of many ways in which he could contact me. I thought that I would just disappear for a while. If he really has me in his heart, he can always find me. If he doesn't even want to try, then this relationship is really unnecessary, just as fate has come to an end.

The result was disappointing, but it also freed me. He did not contact me within a week. I concluded that he had not found out that I had blocked him, because he had not thought of contacting me at all in the past few days. Sure enough, I recovered his Wechat from the blacklist, and after chatting, I knew that he had not contacted me. I broke up, and at that moment I was heartbroken but resolute, and I never expected to look back.