When two people get along, how can they not make each other feel tired?

In fact, whether it is the relationship between lovers, or between relatives or friends, if you want to make this relationship more relaxed and enjoyable and less stressful, you need to follow these three important principles:

First, take the initiative to take responsibility instead of asking the other person to take responsibility for your own life. This means that we should first learn to take good care of ourselves and arrange our work and life. If you can have a career that allows you to give and invest, have your own hobbies, have your own independent circle of friends, and know how you can enjoy life when you are alone, then you will not focus all your attention on the other person and make them feel responsible for you. You must have fun from ta. It will not make the other person feel that they always take care of you like parents take care of their children, thus feeling a lot of pressure.

Second, accept the differences between the two sides and respect the differences between each other and yourself. Many people have the wrong belief that since they have established an intimate relationship, they need to maintain a high degree of consistency between the two sides of the relationship, so they are committed to transforming and assimilating each other. But in fact, no research has shown that only two people who are highly consistent can get along happily, and in many cases, the secret of maintaining a relationship is not to change each other, but to accept each other. Although you are different from me in many places, it doesn't mean that I am good and you are wrong. When we always ask each other by some of our own standards, it will only make the other person feel angry and tired, which is not conducive to the maintenance of your relationship.

Third, give up taking it for granted and learn to express gratitude. Another phenomenon that can overwhelm intimacy is that many people regard each other's kindness to them as an obligation, or something to be taken for granted. This will make it right for you to be nice to me, and it's your fault that you didn't be nice to me. I believe that no one will like such emotional kidnapping, even if it is a lover or relative who loves you. In fact, no one should and must be good to you. People are independent of each other and do not owe each other. Every time others give to us, it is actually each other's active choice and a manifestation of each other's goodwill. Therefore, we need to be grateful for this. Therefore, in this relationship, be grateful and express your understanding and gratitude to each other, which will undoubtedly make your relationship more pleasant and harmonious.