The disturbance caused by a glass of milk

The long-awaited honeymoon finally kicked off. Looking at the world hand in hand with my lover, my heart is full of happiness and expectation.

On this day, the sky in Lijiang was spotlessly blue, and a few leisurely white clouds dotted the sky. The flowers on the side of the road nodded to me brightly, and the breeze brushed my cheek like a wonderful dream. I, who usually don't like taking pictures, "Ka-wipe" and "Ka-wipe" took a series of wild shots, praising the wonder of the creator.

"Honey, have a glass of milk!" My husband looked at me expectantly, shaking his eyebrows. He knew I liked milk.

"Ah! Eight yuan a cup? " I came to myself and glanced at the price tag and almost jumped up.

"it's made from our own cows. it's very fragrant and fresh, and it's worth it." The old man said sincerely.

"No, I just had lunch and I'm still so full." I pulled my husband and tried to walk away.

But I really want to drink it. It's so hot that it can quench my thirst. Monsieur began to pay without cooperation.

I glared at him angrily and turned on chat mode.

"it's delicious. Would you like a sip?" My husband deliberately turned up the volume and hunched over and handed the milk to me.

"No, Mr. Tuhao!" I pushed the milk away hard and said angrily.

"what is the geometry of life? The years are hard. I would like to work hard and enjoy life both. " Said the gentleman mischievously.

"it's just an excuse for wasting money, pretending to be arrogant." I'm even angrier.


My husband finally couldn't say anything about me, and hid his broken heart with silence.

In just a few days, I fell from heaven to hell. Scenes appeared in front of me like a movie: at the dreamy wedding, the prince and princess became husband and wife with the blessing of relatives and friends and the marriage of the priest, along with a loud "I do". From then on, the prince and princess lived a happy life. But the reality of the thunder broke my dream to pieces, eight days of honeymoon, spent in a quarrel. To the heart! Depressed, my heart turned upside down and became the biggest contradiction in the world. Am I blind who used to cheer for him crazily? Doesn't he love me anymore? Why is he so strange? Nightmare honeymoon, what can I do, I am also very desperate!

It is better to dwell in the wilderness than with a quarreling woman in a wide place. This sentence pulled me up from hell like an invisible rope and made me ashamed. Only to find that I am so cruel that I trample on a man's self-esteem alive. If the original family is different and the growth experience is different, the values of money must be different. Then the question is, why do I have to chase it so hard? Why do you have to prove yourself right? Why waste time and energy on quarrelling? Life is only a few decades, is there still time to quarrel? It is said that if there is time to be positive, there is no time to be negative. Even if the argument wins, what do I get?

Two are better than one, and they share the good results of their hard work. Nothing is more important than a relationship, it doesn't matter if there is a relationship, it doesn't matter if it doesn't matter. Relationships are like fish without water. If you pay attention to the relationship, you will belittle each other's differences.

Marriage is exhausting, but it is my principle to respect my husband. Constantly humble yourself, even if they are different and incomplete, you can have more and more tacit understanding. Walking with one heart is not a dream!