In a good marriage, you must hide your temper

In a good marriage, you must hide your temper. If you really love her, please do not yell at her, no one has the right to dump emotional garbage on others, let alone their own lover.


My brother-in-law had kidney stones and needed to be hospitalized for a few days after the operation. Instead of taking care of her, her sister paid for a nurse, and she worked as usual.

Relatives say that my sister is cold-blooded, but I am the only one who understands my sister's mental journey over the years. She is not a ruthless person, just a little cold heart in the marriage.

What impressed me most was that once I went to my sister's house as a guest, and my sister arranged a table of dishes for me. When my sister saw that I was having a good time, she gave me a prawn and one for my brother-in-law.

My brother-in-law immediately threw the prawns back into his sister's bowl and said impatiently, "I don't need you to clip it. I can eat whatever I want. I'm not a child."

Sister wants to argue: I'm just helping you.

My brother-in-law interrupted, "I don't need your help!"

I was saddened to witness my brother-in-law's bad attitude towards my sister.

Remembering the gentle and considerate appearance of his brother-in-law to his sister before marriage, after several years of marriage, his brother-in-law became an impatient and irritable tyrant, and his sister pined away like a different person.

When the phone rang, my brother-in-law answered, and his tone became very soft: all right, I'll do what you say!

My sister sighed and shook her head and said to me: he has a better attitude towards property security than I do, and passers-by are better than me in his heart.

My brother-in-law hung up the phone and recovered his violent face. he slapped the table and broke the bowl and chopsticks and roared, "my sister is here, I will have dinner with you, and you will hack me here. OK, I won't eat any more!"

My brother-in-law slammed the door and left. I thought my sister would cry, but she continued to eat as if nothing had happened.

She said that they had not had a complete conversation in recent years, and often he lost his temper before she finished talking, and he even put her on the blacklist. If it were not for Xiao Bao in her hometown, she would have divorced long ago.

I will always remember the look in my sister's eyes at that time. I was certain that I was lonely. It was a feeling of peace of mind after despair. Because a person despair for a long time, will bloom a flower, called continuous self-improvement.

Now that my brother-in-law has had kidney stone surgery, I called my sister to ask why she didn't take care of her brother-in-law. The younger sister said, this heart is already cold, I am afraid it will not be hot again, it would be better to spend some money to hire a nurse. Not seeing each other, I am not angry, he is not angry, not everyone is happy.

My brother-in-law is a typical straight male cancer psychology. he thinks that after a woman gets married, she will be his own private property. Anyway, he will not divorce after giving birth to a child. Only with a bad attitude can he demonstrate his status as the head of the family.

This is called cold violence, which is no less lethal than domestic violence, the difference is that the injury of domestic violence can be seen, and the injury of cold violence is only known to yourself.


Watching the popular Reality Show "Chinese Restaurant", I found a detail. Huang Xiaoming calls his wife on the phone after work every day, and each time he calls baby "Dear" with a smile. He is really the model of a model husband.

Some people say that the husband's attitude determines the temperature of marriage. Just look at Huang Xiaoming. He always looks at baby affectionately, and the two of them have endless words.

He was not impatient with her, he did not listen to her, he was not restless, and he respected, spoiled, tolerated and tolerated his wife, so he got the quiet years in his marriage.

What happened to the men who were unkind to their wives? Everyone knows that my sister-in-law is a head nurse. She said that birth, aging, sickness and death are taking place in the hospital every day.

I remember her telling a true story.

An 80-year-old grandfather needed to be rescued, and when the family signed it, the grandmother didn't look as nervous as the other patients.

The old woman sat outside calmly, accompanied by her children, and the grandfather's situation was not optimistic. Although the operation was successful, the old man was too old and there was a high risk of postoperative infection.

After waiting for two days, the old man could not stand it any longer. The doctor issued a notice of death and told the family members that they could enter the icu and say the last words to the old man, and then prepare for the future.

The old woman went in with the help of her children, and she said calmly, Old Man, I have paid off the debt I owed you in my previous life. In the next life, we should not be husband and wife again, nor should we meet again. You can rest assured and go!

After Grandpa died, the grandmother had no heartache or tears. She quietly looked at the sunset without saying a word.

Later, her children said that their parents had quarreled all their lives, and their mother was lying down and was beaten by her father when she was pulled out of bed. When he is too old to fight, he starts to yell at every disagreement.

His children did not expect that the father had abused the mother all his life, and the mother had accepted it all her life for the sake of her child, and when she was parting from life and death, the mother unexpectedly said that she would never meet again in the next life, and the father left with tears, but it was too late.

Unfortunately, Grandpa will never know that Grandma's loneliness and despair over the years are all given by Grandpa.


Do you remember your vows when you got married?

Rich or poor, in health or in sickness, I love and respect you until death do us part. You have cast a spell on my body and soul, and from now on, I do not want to be separated from you.

Love and respect are indispensable in marriage. it is unfortunate to have respect for a marriage without love, and not to respect each other's marriage is also a loveless marriage.

When a man loves a woman, he can't help appreciating and respecting her. If you don't love her, no matter how well she does, she will resent everything about her.

As Zhang ailing said, he doesn't love you, it's wrong for you to cry, it's wrong to laugh, even to breathe. He is apt to lose his temper, which is a sign of unlove.

Chen Xiaochun, "where is Dad going? 5" used to be a grumpy person. In the eyes of the media, he was notoriously difficult to deal with, but after he got married, his painting style changed.

Now Chen Xiaochun has also softened down, he has changed what he used to be straightforward and has become a good husband and father. It turns out that no matter how grumpy a man is, once he loves his wife, he will give way to his wife.

A good-tempered man, if he speaks coldly to his wife in marriage, he is not under great pressure, but does not love you.

Love and respect in marriage are like air. If we don't get the respect of our loved ones, it's like we can't breathe the air. We will suffocate slowly.

Some people in Zhihu asked why some people's marriages are Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling)-like, while others are riddled with holes. The root cause is that you give the best attitude to outsiders and the worst attitude to your lover.

In a good marriage, you must hide your temper. If you really love her, please do not yell at her, no one has the right to dump emotional garbage on others, let alone their own lover.

There is a normality in married life called patience. If you can turn patience into enjoyment, you only need to do one thing, that is, to improve your temper.

Honey, if you don't want a divorce, please don't lose your temper with your lover, because losing your temper is the biggest enemy of marriage!