Love you, my life's disaster

Love you, my life's disaster

Do you like me? like it

Why do you like me? There's no reason to like it

Will you spoil me? willing to

Will you stay with me forever? Yes, for no reason!

I like you, I love you, I want to marry you, will you marry me? I want to marry you and accompany you all my life! Take care of you for the rest of your life, okay?

。. I don't want to. You can go.

Since you don't love me, why did you always give me hope, and finally left me only despair?

Just like the most poisonous quotation in the chatter, how easy it is to destroy a girl: at first you are very good to me, when I feel that I fall in love with you and can't leave you, you throw me away fiercely. You said you would protect me.

Once the oath, once everything, now has become the past, what else, let it go with the wind, what else can I say? Best of all, please take care of yourself.

I have always thought simply that only those older than me would love me like a baby and pamper me in the palm of my hand. But when one day you are younger than you confessed, outspoken will protect you, you still wavered. Your faith is no longer firm, you only stay in sweet talk, forget the original faith

I met Golden Hair (later dyed hair) in the same store, just like so-called colleagues. At first, I didn't touch each other, but later I got familiar with it, and the topic would slowly unfold, but my consciousness between us stayed between colleagues, and there was no emotion. Maybe because of the long time together, gradually you will say something to me that makes me happy and makes me warm. Are you asleep? Good night my baby. My baby, did you miss me? Perhaps because of the shackles of thought, I only stay in the brother-in-law, or colleagues on the basis of. Because you are three years younger than me, in my opinion you can not bear our future, maybe you are just playing in the flower season, but you will always refute me not to suppress their age, do not make excuses for their age. At that time, I was just a newly graduated student full of confusion. I asked adults for their opinions, and the answers I got were always too small to take care of people. And friends always tell me can talk, after all, I also big confused I do not know how to choose, but finally still hold a glimmer of hope, because golden hair said will protect me, will always love me, no matter what I will be his Maybe so I believe, I met the right person in my life

Since the relationship is confirmed, then you are my boyfriend and I am your girlfriend. We stick together every day for as long as we can. We go to work together, we work out together, we watch movies together, we date together, maybe it's really a blessing, and the person I'm waiting for shows up.

I thought I was God's pet, so that I can meet you in thousands of people, can eat with you, can work out with you, as long as I am happy with you every day, full of vitality. Every day even if tired again sleepy, I also always like to hold the mobile phone waiting for your message, baby want me not/baby sleep? Good night, baby. Baby, every time I see your message, I will secretly smile, the first time to reply---miss you, good night, so hold your message slowly into sleep, a good night dream.

I really really like you, want to take care of you, want to know your every move, will you all deeply hidden in my mind like you to my spoiled, like watching you eat, like you all even more than like myself. Really, I just want to marry you and be your most beautiful bride!

But days don't follow people's wishes, and happy times are always short. I didn't know where I was wrong until now, since when our distance has been so far away. Maybe I never really knew you. Just like you told me, I liked tomatoes when I was a child, but I grew up and didn't like them anymore. Why not? No love, no love, no reason. You never bought me anything for my birthday. You never wished me a happy birthday. I'm sick and hurt and you're always standing around talking about it and I guess you didn't do anything for me. It turned out that girls in love had zero IQ. This sentence was true.

Alas, what does that matter? Falling in love with you will bring tears to my eyes all my life, and you will only tell me not to cry. I'm the only one who blames me for crying. You never responded to my messages. Your world only games and chatter what can I do, admit defeat! I blame myself for never listening to everyone.

I suppose you did warn me not to get too involved and get hurt. You said, in a relationship with you, be prepared for class. Sincerely, if you don't want to talk about it, why pursue it? Thinking back to that crying memory now, it was really idiotic enough. Even though he knew he was injured, he still wanted to be lucky. I want you to look at me again. Love for you has been humble to the bone. Later, as time went on, the mood gradually calmed down, thinking that it would never hurt for you again, until you were angry at me for the new girl and raised your fist. I found my heart bleeding, I thought I could be indifferent

But now it doesn't matter, I have grown up slowly in your class, no longer a weak and pure little girl who just graduated. I've grown up.

I used to like dependence, but now I still want to be independent. God saves only those who help themselves. Happiness is always earned by oneself, not by others. Wake up good, no longer do love slaves, only wish not to meet again in the next life. You and I don't want to be a disaster in our lives again. Just like I said to you: I am willing to cut off three thousand black hair for you, only willing to never see you again in the next life!