With the right person, it will be more and more beautiful.


What kind of people do you like?

When we choose our partner, we all have some strange preferences, such as good-looking fingers, long and thin legs, good-looking watches and white shirts.

My friend Xiaohe, she used this word to describe every boyfriend she talked about: very good.

These well-behaved boys like to repeat life without accidents, have no hobbies, have few friends, and don't know how to talk to girls, or even how to coax girls.

How many boyfriends of Xiaohe can't coax girls? One day, Xiaohe asked him to see a movie after work and specially bought a movie ticket three hours after work.

While Xiaohe was waiting in the cinema, her boyfriend's chat reply stopped at that sentence: I have to work overtime for a while.

Finally, when the movie started, her boyfriend still didn't come, and Xiaohe sadly threw away the movie ticket and went home.

After his boyfriend came back from work, Xiaohe didn't want to quarrel, so he didn't mention the movie tickets again and danced to share the interesting things that happened today. who knows, the boyfriend not only did not apologize, but also silently replied: you have a lot of drama.

Xiaohe finally couldn't help quarreling with him, the boyfriend felt that the other side was unreasonable, and Xiaohe felt that the other side did not rest assured.

In fact, her boyfriend doesn't like her enough, but the way he loves is not what Xiaohe wants.

He only knows that he is silently by his side when he is sad, but he doesn't understand that what Xiaohe wants more is a sorry and his warm arms.


Have you ever wondered what kind of person is right for you?

Xiaohe is a girl who is very cheerful, talkative and romantic.

After every breakup, she swore that she would never find such a boring boy again. But next time, I will fall in love with the same type of boy.

Again and again, we may fall in love with people who don't seem to be right for us, or even know they're wrong.

This obsession, perhaps from not reconciled, want to understand why the relationship will fail, and do not know what kind of people are suitable for them, so step into the same river again and again.

It is often said that two different people are suitable to be together because they can complement each other. For example, the calmness of introverts will give extroverts sense of security, is a good listener.

However, Xiaohe yearns for the ups and downs of life and has low tolerance for repetitive and monotonous people and things.

Introverts need a lot of time and space to spend with themselves, so two different people may not be suitable to be together.

Finding the right person is more important than anything else.

Once Dong Jie, is the "Golden Powder Family" in the autumn, there is a kind of sorrow in the world, the United States makes people feel sweet into the heart.

Later, the six-year marriage broke down and the couple turned against each other. Dong Jie's face can see the disappointment of life.

She and her son participated in "Mother is Superman", being strict with their son and avoiding Pan Yueming in the program, instinctively protecting themselves when something happened, and always keeping themselves in a state of repelling others.

A good relationship will make a person gentle and full of love, while a bad relationship will deplete a person's vitality and spirituality.