Woman, don't lose yourself completely in marriage.


The National Day holiday passed in the twinkling of an eye, but in the past few days of the holiday, I have heard the most sentence is: come all come

When you go on a trip, all the scenic spots are full of tourists. Look at the tickets in your hand. They are all coming. Wait and see.

I wanted to eat some local specialties, but there was already a long queue, so I waited for 2 hours.

I went to see a movie. After sitting down and watching it for 10 minutes, I found that it was a bad movie. It all came. I finally slept in the cinema for an hour.

People are like this a lot of times, knowing that it will be painful to continue, but they always cherish the memory of the previous efforts and are reluctant to let go.

So we can always hear that we have been paid, have been married for 3 years, listen to other people's comfort and continue to hold on in tears. In the end, I lost myself.


Women, it's important to be yourself.

In the divorce lawyer, Miao Jinxiu cries vividly after learning that Dong Dahai betrayed their marriage:

For you, I quit my job, gave up my career, took care of the housework with the children, and did my best to take care of the elderly, but you were outside messing around, where's your conscience?

But Dong Dahai said:

Don't say that for me, whoever you marry will take care of the children and the housework to take care of the elderly.

Around us, there are too many women, like Miao Jinxiu, who dedicate themselves to their families after marriage. They do all the housework, undertake all the obligations of raising and educating their children, and take good care of their husbands.

But they work hard every day, silently contribute, and did not get the happiness they want, and even lost the love that men once had for themselves, but also was betrayed by men.

Why did this happen? It is often because after marriage, many women focus on men and families, but not on themselves, and lose themselves completely in marriage.


In her speech "how Women should live", Carina Lau mentioned a sentence:

As a woman, I think we should never blindly copy other people's living methods and believe that what others say is the truth. You have to think in your independent life world and find the beauty in your life.

Don't lose yourself because of marriage. This is especially important for women.

We can always hear:

Want to do things quickly, opportunity waits for no one, hesitates to do nothing in the end.

But you should also know that you have to bear the consequences of impulse consumption. When Zhang Yuqi is divorced, she can buy diamond rings and bags by herself, and the people who can really marry well are those who do not need to marry well, because they have their own strength.

Only when you have the strength, do you have the right to refuse what you don't like.