If you don't allow your parents, how can you allow the world?

Tolerance of parents is one of the most common problems, but the most easily overlooked. Many people think that this is a trivial matter, but in fact it cannot be more serious.


Tolerance of parents is the best expression of character.

What best reflects a person's character? In fact, it is just one thing: the attitude towards parents, as well as the attitude towards partners and children.

Because they are all our dearest people, and the most common mistake people make is to ignore the dearest people and indulge them casually.

This attitude is reflected in the tolerance of daily life.

Parents and partners accommodate us because of love, children obey us because of awe, and they are weak to us.

A person's attitude towards the weak can reflect a person's quality more than anything else.


Only those who tolerate their parents are magnificent.

When the ancients did not sweep a house, how can they sweep the world? we can also say that our parents do not allow it, so how can we allow the world? That's why the Book of filial piety makes it clear from the very beginning that filial piety begins with relatives and finally stands up.

Tolerating your parents is the first step in changing your destiny. People with lofty ideals should first of all take it easy for their parents to start to do it. This is the first step in spiritual practice, and it is also the real practice.


Tolerance of parents is the best education for children.

As the saying goes, parents are the best teachers for their children. Why? It is because of the words and deeds.

Psychologically, the growth of children begins with imitation. Who is the person who imitates the most and deepest? Their own parents, because their parents are the people they have the most contact with and are closest to.

Please keep one sentence in mind: what a child experiences in childhood will have a profound impact on his life, from character to behavior. This has been confirmed again and again in psychology, so don't leave a lifetime shadow on your child.

Therefore, parents must be very cautious about their words and deeds. Especially on such an important issue as dealing with parents, it will not only affect the child's attitude towards you in the future, but also affect the child's character.

We are not tolerant and considerate of our parents in our daily life, and our children are infected with a kind of indifference and selfishness, and such people are always difficult to tolerate and cannot go far.

On the contrary, it is the best daily education. Can let children in a kind of osmosis, edify a kind of warm love for others to the world, warm goodwill and tolerant mind.


Many people who are not very kind and tolerant to their parents are actually unintentional and can let go because of complete trust.

But that can let go is their own lack of self-cultivation, the harm to parents is also real, so it can not be used as an excuse to release themselves, comfort their own reasons.

In the words of the ancients, the saddest sentence I have ever heard is that the tree wants to be quiet but the wind does not stop, and the son wants to raise but not wait.

In today's words, the saddest thing I have ever heard is that when parents are around, there is a place in life; when parents go, there is only a way back.

There is a kind of happiness called parents, those who have not lost will not really experience it. The time we spend walking in this world with our parents is so precious that the so-called regret is that we are wasting it.