After suffering, I finally became a

There is a problem with knowing:

Small local factories recruit people, with a monthly salary of 4000 yuan, no one applies, and high-end coffee shops can easily recruit people with a monthly salary of 3000 yuan. Are young people now unwilling to suffer?

One of the answers echoed: generation after generation is worse than generation, and now there are not many who can endure hardship;

Young people nowadays are so spoiled that they don't want to work hard no matter how much money they are given.

Chinese people have always been concerned about eating bitter in order to be superior.

However, there are some unnecessary hardships in life that are really not worth experiencing.

The wrong view of suffering.

bringing harm to themselves or other

The parents of the post-90s generation often say: We suffered so much at the beginning.

In their view, suffering is a compulsory course for success. If you want to obtain the true scriptures, you must first experience 981 difficulties.

If a child's life is too sweet, it will be completely chaotic.

Therefore, some parents obviously can provide excellent living conditions for their children, but they are still afraid that their children will enjoy happiness.

A netizen shared his experience. His parents started from scratch by wholesale fruit, experienced hard times and finally had a prosperous life now.

His parents always warned him not to put happiness ahead.

After he went to college, his summer classmates went to famous enterprises and large factories for internships. He was called back by his parents to sell tomatoes.

He fought several times, and his parents insisted that it was no use sitting in the office blowing air conditioning every day, and that young people should suffer more.

In order to train him, his father specially let him drive from his small county town to the urban area 100 kilometers away to set up a stall, more than 30 baskets of tomatoes for him to move up and down alone.

He recalled those days: he was chased by the city management every day and suffered from white eyes.

But this kind of street running and small business did not help his major, and the gap between him and his classmates widened.

After graduation, students rely on rich internship experience, or famous enterprises become regular, or win the favorite offer.

His resume was empty, and he ended up working for an insurance company as a bottom-level salesman, sometimes struggling to make ends meet.

Under the training of his parents, he suffered enough, but three years after graduation, he still did not improve.

Talking about these things with family members, family members always comfort and say: life is bitter first and then sweet.

He had no way of knowing what happened later, but the days of hardship were not only worthless, but allowed him to play a good hand to pieces.

Some people say: I hate that kind of preaching, what to eat bitter, only to be superior, as if the whole value of youth lies in the struggle for future success.

Of all modes of life, sacrificing the present for the future is the worst. It puts off happiness forever, and in effect cancels it.

This netizen is not the same, obviously has a higher starting point than others, but lost in unnecessary detours.

In life, I often see some parents collecting good things. New clothes should be put into old clothes and worn out before being taken out. Delicious clothes should be put into expiration before being given to children.

Some parents firmly believe that suffering should start with babies, so they send their children to various devil training camps.

In the hot summer, children walk more than 70 kilometers in two days; in the cold winter, children are required to wear short-sleeved shorts to roll in the snow

Last year, host Le Jia took her four-and-a-half-year-old daughter on a hike in the desert, walking 76 kilometers in four days and being bombarded by netizens.

These things are difficult for ordinary adults to bear, but children have to do them.

It seems that such physical suffering can make children understand the meaning of life.

As a result, children often suffer for nothing and gain little else.

Your so-called suffering

I'm just moved.

Wang Xiaobo wrote in his article "The Reverse of Human Nature":

Man is an animal that deceives himself. We have suffered a lot of useless hardships and wasted a lot of years, so some people want to say that this experience is noble.

A Beidrift netizen recalled his experience when he first went to Beijing and regretted it:

In order to save money, she rented a small room for several hundred yuan a month. There was only one bunk bed without stairs in the room. She slept on the top bunk and had to work hard to get up and down every day.

And because the house is far from the company, she has to squeeze the subway two and a half hours early every day.

She was exhausted by the daily rush and often complained that life was hard.

In fact, her salary is enough for her to rent a house closer to the company and in better conditions.

That way she can save at least 4 hours a day, but she thinks: Beijing is full of talents, how can I catch up with others if I don't eat more hardship?

Half a year later, she became very emaciated.

'I don't see hope,' she said.'This world is really unfair. Why did I suffer so much, but life didn't give me anything in return?'

She eventually left Beijing, thinking that her efforts did not help her grow, but let her waste a lot of time.

This is typically meaningless suffering, doing things that are very limited to self-improvement, stuck in self-motivation.

Let you surpass others, never unnecessary saving, not with the mask of self-moved, not unnecessary suffering.

The real way to improve yourself is to spend time on something more valuable.

Suffering is never a shortcut to success.

The inevitable suffering, you have to overcome.

When fate clearly gives you a smooth and wide shortcut, you have to choose a winding road full of bumps, that is asking for trouble.

Such people have no right to complain about the injustice of fate and the hardship of life, because it is themselves who drive them into despair.

It has always been human nature to make yourself comfortable.

No one is born to like suffering, but when suffering is crowned with various flower hats, it makes many people flock to it.

In an issue of Round Table School, Liang Wendao mentioned that successful people always make an attribution error, rarely attribute their success to luck, but always say how hard they work.

Similarly, some successful people always like to reminisce how much they have suffered and how many detours they have taken.

They ascribe positive meaning to suffering, mistaking it for their success.

They ignore the role of talent and luck.

Perhaps without those unnecessary hardships, they would have welcomed success long ago.

It is never suffering that makes success, but it is strong enough in itself.

We preach the power of suffering simply because we want to succeed, but don't forget that suffering is only one way to an end, never the end.

To regard worthless suffering as sublime is actually putting the cart before the horse.

Freud explained why people are obsessed with suffering:

If one lives in pain that cannot be changed, one will turn to love it and regard it as a pleasure in order to make oneself feel better.

This is just a lie.

To suffer worthy pain

Ma Yun said: Don't suffer, don't struggle, what do you do with youth?

Many people regard this sentence as a classic and often use it to motivate themselves.

But few people think about what kind of suffering is worth eating.

Just like the question at the beginning of the article: how to choose between a small factory with a salary of 4000 yuan and a high-end coffee shop with a salary of 3000 yuan?

Factories in small places have little room for growth, and welfare protection may not be complete.

The latter pay low, but the working environment, growth system is much higher than small factories.

The answer seems clear.

Not because young people can't suffer, but because they suffer the same and can't get the rewards they want.

It is better to suffer from struggle than from life.

Some netizens told their own experiences: when they were in college, the environment in the study room was very poor, and the bench was hard and cold.

Classmate A is a person who can live, she carefully arranged her own learning environment, cushion, snacks, nap pillow, small blanket everything.

Another classmate, Xiao B, never cared about these things. She could sit on a hard bench until her back hurt, wearing thin clothes and being blown cold by the air conditioner.

Every time I advised her to wear more clothes, she always dismissed: I am not like you so delicate, eat bitter.

But after a few days she stopped wanting to go.

The delicate little A persisted, because in her opinion, studying in a comfortable environment was a pleasant thing.

There are also people like Xiao A in life, who rarely let themselves be wronged in life.

But as long as the environment is comfortable, they can persist in high-intensity work and study.

Football superstar Ronaldo never let himself suffer in life, wearing big brands to live in luxury houses, all kinds of luxury cars to change, hired specialized nutritionists, doctors, physiotherapists and cooks.

But when he trained, he could endure hardships more than anyone else.

Long-term exercise and self-discipline allowed him to maintain his physical function at the level of 23 years old at the age of 33.

Enjoy life, equally enjoy struggle and hardship.

Chen Taban once said to Chai Jing: Pain is wealth, this is nonsense. Girl, pain is pain, and the thought of pain is wealth.

Choose to bear, insight into the value of suffering, this is the attitude that suffering should have.

It's always the worst option.

Don't suffer a lot and end up as a servant.