A long stream of water is the ultimate practice in life.


The pace of this era is getting faster and faster, and everyone thinks that this is the only normal way, and once they slow down, they will panic.

In fact, life sometimes needs to slow down, only when you slow down will you think about where you are going.

How sad it would be if you worked hard and didn't find out until the end that what you had been pursuing was not what you wanted.

Maybe, occasionally, let life slow down and listen attentively to the voice from the bottom of your heart, and you will find what you really think.


Yu Entai, who was once very popular because of the Swordsman, disappeared after playing the role of Lu Xiucai.

He got a double doctorate, which is very rare in the entertainment industry. I honed it for seven years for the sound table.

In an era when every actor fantasized about his rise, he had a lot of resources but chose to get out.

For a time, I thought Yu Entai was stupid.

Think about it, which star doesn't strike while the iron is hot, and the characters who can make money definitely make a lot of money.

Now in show business, a large number of idols are springing up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. A large number of stars, hosts, singers and even sports stars are scrambling to become actors.

The emperor is not anxious, anxious eunuch, Yu Entai is not anxious

"popularity doesn't change anything. I just want to slow down," he said.

He added: an actor must speak with his character, not with his image.

Later, Yu Entai played the role of Qin Xiang Zhang Yi in the vertical and horizontal of the Qin Empire.

The tongue fights with the group of scholars, full of momentum, and there is no shadow of Lu Xiucai.

The film critic commented on him: after Yu Entai, there is no Zhang Yi!

Favor and disgrace, from the inner certainty and calm; the long flow of water, so will not miss the waves in front of us.


In the journey of life, walking too fast is easy to miss, a long stream, is the best state of a person.

In the 2010 Spring Festival Gala, one of Wang Fei's "Legend" made Li Jian sing hot.

Many people don't know who Li Jian is, but in fact, the song Legend was released as early as 2003.

People say it's better to go out early, but Li Jian never thinks so.

He thinks that it is better for success to come later, and only after a long period of accumulated patience can he have his own artistic thinking.

As Yu Entai said: being an actor takes a lifetime, and shaping a role requires experience and experience.

How can I believe that the work of an actor who has less time to live and more time to film and less time to invest and more time to produce will be good?

Walk slowly, time will prove everything for you.

Li Jian spent 12 years reading, writing songs and playing the piano before he became famous.

When the reporter went to Li Jian's home for an interview, he was stunned by Li Jian's collection of books and records.

Numerous classic literary masterpieces and enduring records at all times and at home and abroad can be called massive.

After he became popular, he turned down many invitations for music and movies, preferring to enjoy the sunshine, rain and real life rather than the dazzling lights on the stage.

Life is a bowl of water leveled by God. In this world, no talented person will be buried.

Only by letting go of fame and gain can we bear the burden of life.

That breathtaking beauty, in the long stream, can never be seen for a lifetime.