For the rest of my life, be quiet without arguing.


No one can predict how long a life will be.

For decades, we can only go on resigned to fate, no one can be tailor-made for themselves, we can only let nature take its course.

It has to be said that when people reach a certain age, their mentality will change with the increase of age.

From the young and ignorant, the unruly youth, the young people who pursue their dreams, to the middle-aged who step into the threshold of no doubt, the whole person is constantly changing, and he can't help it.

Perhaps, the living environment affects the state of mind, gradually no longer impatient, people seem to gradually quiet down with the passage of time.

It seems that many of the things that are happening around you have nothing to do with you, and the pace of life has slowed down.


In the past, other people's praise can be happy for a long time, gradually lost themselves in flowers and applause, living in a virtual dream, refused to wake up.

If you don't speculate and get angry, you will blush in the argument and will not stop fighting up and down.

Gradually, with the passage of time, accidentally found that the pace of love slowed down, body and mind also calmed down a lot.

Slowly, no longer pursue fame and wealth, no longer put too much enthusiasm into applause, return to serenity.

Passion fades, the trivialities of those ordinary days, do not say a word and get up and leave angrily, hate not to break up the indignation, emotional quarrels, less and less.

Yang Jiang said, I do not argue, I do not disdain to argue.

Yes, to a certain age, people have no sense of difference, jealousy, the days calmly through the fingertips.

Undisturbed, let go of all the emotional fetters, with inertia, insipid as water.


Quiet but not chaotic, quiet but not contentious, there is less trouble and more gentleness.

Life is a short life, what is worth fighting for?

If you compete with fame and wealth, your desire will swell.

Fight for your life, add to the burden

Fighting with relatives is bound to alienate, and the loss outweighs the gain.

Fighting with a lover can only make life more trivial and less serene.

Arguing with friends can only make the feelings become weaker and weaker and gradually alienate.

Calm down the time, do not want to toss about, calm down, be yourself!

Take care of life, read books, drink tea, set aside time for yourself, the rest of your life is not long, be kind to yourself is the most important.


If you want to be a big tree, do not fight with the grass, that is the practice of a great wise man.

Towering trees do not grow up overnight, green grass, nor the weak, the cycle of the four seasons, endless life, which life is not a step by step, to be the original self?

Return to the self, looking for the most primitive state, that is, quiet, clear the desire, first clean the heart, wait for the soul, do not lose yourself.

No one can estimate how long the rest of life will be. It is not bad to live in the present and take an indifferent view of life's losses and gains.

In this hurried time tunnel, you are a traveler and I am a passer-by. Please cherish it when you meet. Who knows how long you can walk side by side for the rest of your life?


The twilight moves the front porch, the heavy city wants to close the door. The residual glow reaps the red, and the new moon breaks the dusk. I already feel that the world is quiet and there is no noise in the market. There is a permanent principle of yin and yang, and the theory of talent and talent.

Zhu Zhanji's quiet words in Le Jing Poems are even more leisurely.

In the last four sentences, the universe is quiet, without the hustle and bustle of the market, yin and yang are immutable, so don't argue endlessly.

I think that when people reach middle age, the days are numbered. Be kind to life, be kind to others, be kind to yourself, be kind to everything around you, empty your thoughts and wash away the dirt of your soul.

It is also a rare great wisdom to be quiet without arguing for the rest of your life.