Nowadays, my hometown can also hold a world-class high-end painting exhibition.

Art is the precious wealth of human spiritual culture. Excellent works of art have strong artistic charm and appeal, giving people spiritual pleasure, spiritual satisfaction and aesthetic enjoyment. Art is a means of understanding life. Artists often reveal the essence of human existence by describing extremely common and ordinary life phenomena, so that people can get spiritual purification and sublimation.

After learning the information about the exhibition of works by Romanian painter Corneliu and bull; Baba on the official account of Wechat Jiangxi artists Association, I couldn't wait to go to gallery, Jiangxi Province yesterday. Although it was rainy and cold outside, I was full of enthusiasm and motivation at the thought of enjoying the original works of the world's oil painting masters at zero distance. Unexpectedly, we can also enjoy a world-class high-end painting exhibition in Nanchang.

In the New York Chronicles, Chen Danqing, a famous Chinese oil painter, mentioned such a story: he once took a night ride across the river to Shanghai to see an art exhibition in order to admire the work of a painter. This move was not approved by the Culture Bureau of Jiangpu County (later merged into Nanjing Pukou District), where it was located at that time, and had to read a review letter in public afterwards. That year, Chen Danqing was 24, and the theme of the exhibition was an exhibition of Romanian paintings, and the painter who wanted to pay his respects was Cornelius & bull; Baba. As early as the 1970s, he held a solo exhibition in New York and was appointed as an academician of the Italian Academy of International Arts.

Today, the influence of Baba's works on Chinese oil painting is still evident. Not only Chen Danqing, most of the young people of that generation and earlier generation who studied oil painting are now famous in the field of oil painting, and they probably have loved and studied Baba. Mr. Quan Shanshi, a famous painter, recalled: I also copied Baba's paintings in the 1970s.

2018 is the 100th anniversary of the reunification of the Romanian people, and 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Romania. On this occasion, approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the people's Republic of China and the Romanian Ministry of Culture and National identity, and sponsored by the Management Committee of Honggutan New area and the whole Stone Art Foundation, the Romanian oil painting master Corneliu & bull; Baba's China Tour Exhibition opened in gallery, Jiangxi Province on January 20th, 2019! In addition to exhibitions in Hangzhou and Nanchang, there will be touring exhibitions in Ningbo, Shanghai and Handan one after another. Today, Baba's works can be seen on his doorstep, which was incredible in the past.

The exhibition selects more than 60 representative works of various periods by Romanian oil painting master Cornelius & bull; Baba from 17 Romanian national art museums, gallery and private collectors, including "steelworker", "Peasant", "Chess player" and "Spanish Girl" that once made Chinese painters admire.

Cornelius & bull; Baba is the most outstanding oil painter in Eastern European countries in the 20th century. His artistic achievements make him one of the world-class oil painters who made outstanding contributions in the 20th century. The Romanian government awarded him the title of people's Artist and a member of the Romanian Academy of Arts. There are also quite a lot of fans in China. His popularity in China began in the 1960s, when there were two very important classes for Western masters in the Chinese art world. Today, many people who carry tripods in oil painting come from these two classes. One is the Maximov class run at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and the other is at the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts. Since then, the Boba Oil painting Research Class run by Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts, Baba's picture album has become an important copy model for many students to learn oil painting at that time.

Quan Shanshi, a professor at the China Academy of Fine Arts, said that this is not the first time Baba has come to China. As early as the 1970s and 1990s, his works were exhibited in Shanghai and Beijing, but this is the largest one. Baba's most representative works include more than 60 representative works of various periods, we can see his overall creative process, both in terms of quantity and quality can be called the first time in China. Through the exhibition, I hope to recommend good Western oil paintings to everyone, which is good for young people and old people, so that young people can understand what is good and what is bad, and know what to learn. For oil painting teachers, how to introduce and publicize oil painting today.

Since the reform and opening up, various western modern painting schools have poured into China, which is fascinating and exciting, but there is always no way out to follow people with the tide. People began to calm down and began to reflect. Therefore, on the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, the purpose of introducing such an exhibition is to help and enlighten people's reflection.

Cornelius & bull; Baba's art, full of human feelings, the characters come from life, appear real and natural, cordial and moving. He is a master of color, the tone is delicate and subtle, full of variety, light and color are completely integrated. Baba is the kind of artist who is born unwilling to go with the flow. Although Romanian art and culture always advocated French art, and in the 1950s it was influenced by the painting style of the former Soviet Union, but Baba drew nourishment from the Spanish painters Greco, Goya and Rembrandt of the Dutch school of painting, focusing on expressing the truth and suffering of life. He also inherited the characteristics of stillness and heavy blackness in Romanian modern painting, changed the original melancholy complex, and integrated into his own deep temperament, forming a painting style full of inner firmness and nobility. He combines the realistic techniques of realism with the methods of expression of modernism, creating rich pictures of simplicity, generalization, deformation, freehand brushwork and symbolism, thus gaining a reputation in Romanian painting.

More than 20 days have passed since the opening of the Cornelius-bull; Baba exhibition, but there is still a steady stream of people watching the exhibition. It can be seen that many of them are painters and art lovers from other provinces and cities, and some of them carry luggage and hand-dragged travel bags on their shoulders and come directly to the exhibition without waiting to contact their accommodation.

I was particularly surprised and surprised that six or seven studious young and middle-aged art explorers placed easels in front of the original works, eagerly copying Baba's paintings. They were immersed in narcissism and waved their paintbrushes passionately, and they all had a common desire to seize this once-in-a-lifetime good time to learn the artistic expression of the master. Next to many people stop to watch, share their emotion and passion! I have only seen this situation at the exhibition scene in Shanghai in the past, but now in my hometown Nanchang, there is no shortage of artistic experts and addicts. According to gallery security personnel, there are several people have been copying here before the Spring Festival, have painted several works, we all awe after listening to!

Nanchang, February 14, 2019