Be grateful for all the warm encounters in your life

A long time, a long life. Every day, we not only need sunshine, air and rain, but also need the protection of food, clothing, shelter and transportation; we need the company of family, friendship and love; we also need the help of countless people; so we should cherish everything around us; especially, we should be grateful for all the encounters in life.

After getting up every morning, the moment I opened the curtains, the first thing I saw was a ray of warm sunshine, and I was immediately moved by the beauty of life. I can't help saying, "the sun is so good!"

We need sunshine all the time for our growth and survival. And as long as there is a sunny day, our hearts will feel warm, smiles will be bright, life will be colorful, and the haze in our hearts will dissipate with the wind.

Air is a necessary condition for the survival of all things, although it can not be seen or touched, but it really accompanies us every minute. Because only with enough fresh air can we breathe freely, relax physically and mentally, and have a healthy body.

So we should always take care of the earth and make it cleaner and better. Only in that way can we always have a warm environment, a happy home, live a happy life and live and work in peace and contentment every day.

In our ordinary life, maybe we need the gentleness of the spring breeze; we need timely rain to know the season and nourish the silently delicacy of all things; we need the charming scenery when the water flashes on a sunny day and the surprise of the rain in the mountains.

But in the pursuit of dreams, we still have to thank the baptism of the storm. Because these difficult experiences will certainly hone our once fragile will, make us more and more fearless, and make us feel duty-bound to embrace the rainbow after the rain.

When we look up at the blue sky, we will suddenly find that it is so broad and lofty, it can contain all our troubles and worries, and all the selfishness and narrowness in our hearts. By contrast, we are so small, so insignificant, so ashamed.

And for the earth under our feet, we should also cherish a deep gratitude. Because it is so thick and solid, it is so broad and fraternal; it willingly breeds the growth of all things; it bears the trample of hundreds of millions of people's feet every day; without a word of complaint.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, the wide sky and the boundless earth. It is your tolerance, your patience and your selflessness that let us see our shortcomings and deficiencies, so when we review ourselves, we should put aside our little sadness and face all the sufferings in life bravely.

Life is only once for us, so life is supreme and precious. Although we can not grasp the length of life, but in the limited time, we can broaden its width and thickness, to achieve the value of life.

We can use a positive attitude, to work hard, to work hard; with smart wisdom, to create the miracle of life. Make our life as warm as spring, as hot as summer, as fruitful as autumn, like Lamei in winter.

Life is a train that comes and goes. No matter who you meet, he is the one who should appear in your life. It is no accident that she will teach you something. So we should not only cherish ourselves, be kind to our family and people around us, but also cherish all the encounters in this life, maybe we will never meet again in the afterlife.

Life, life is short, but let us taste the beauty of life and the truth, goodness and beauty of the world; let our hearts, there are so many people who miss and care about day and night; let us feel the fullness and unusual meaning of life.

We would like to thank our dear parents for giving us precious lives; thank our loved ones for their meticulous care; thank our friends for their companionship; thank our teachers for their earnest teachings; thank our classmates for their innocence and beauty; thank all the people who have helped us; thank our friends across the screen for their silent encouragement, support and companionship; thank you for meeting each other and thank you for your company.

We want to thank the plain sailing in life, but also to thank the unsatisfactory in life; even to thank the opponents at work; to thank the people around us who don't like you, anyway, we have to thank every day in life, because this is the most precious gift from heaven! If you want to read more wonderful articles, please follow the reading and appreciation of American articles.

There is a kind of gratitude called dripping gratitude when Yongquan returns, there is a kind of Thanksgiving that is not good but not small; there is a kind of gratitude called giving others roses, leaving a fragrance in the hand; there is a kind of gratitude called helping others, happy ourselves we should be grateful for all the things in nature, to be grateful for all the encounters in life!