True wealth is your peace of mind.

"Hanshan picked up the right question record" recorded a very classic conversation.

Hanshan asked Gidi: some people in the world slander me, deceive me, humiliate me, laugh at me, despise me, hate me, deceive me, how to deal with it?

Pick up said: just put up with him, let him, let him, avoid him, bear him, respect him, ignore him, stay a few more years, you just look at him.

When I read this passage when I was young, I felt that the words of the master were too weak, but the older I was, the more I could feel the great wisdom of these words.

Peace of mind needs to be honed and precipitated by the years.

With the growth of age, we also become more and more mature, adding a little bit of calm, indifferent; the hardships and hardships of life, so that we have to learn to be calm, learn to let go, so that the heart becomes more peaceful.

True wealth is your peace of mind.

What is peace of mind?

'it looks like there's no road, but there's another village around the corner, 'Mr. Lu said. Optimistic and open-minded is peace of mind.

The champion of longevity in ancient Chinese poetry is Lu you, who was 85 years old, and his secret of longevity is open-mindedness.

Once the tiles on his house were blown off by the strong wind, the walls were drenched by the heavy rain and were about to collapse, and the house could not be opened without rice or food. such a desolate scene, ordinary people had long been depressed.

But he did not worry about it. Instead, he immediately wrote a poem. The wind blew the house last night, and now it rained on the wall. Although he knew that firewood and rice were expensive, he did not waste the wild song.

People's life is not plain sailing, there will always be some setbacks and difficulties, but the difference lies in how you treat it.

Optimistic and open-minded people always quickly get out of setbacks, calm down, and learn something from it. And pessimistic and negative people tend to be mired in setbacks and panic all day long.

People will be reunited and separated from the changes, the moon will be full and missing conversion, whether it is sunny or impermanent, a good mood, is the only wealth that can not be deprived of life.

Grasp the daily life, take good care of the unique body, is the best treasure.

It is the most open-minded and wise attitude towards life to be calm, to go with nature, to be at ease with circumstances, and to go with fate.

What is peace of mind?

Meng Jiao said that the gentleman is not enough, the bosom swallows all rivers and streams, and a broad mind is peace of mind.

The autumn moon shines like a mirror in all directions. Gifted scholars and beauties gladly appreciate the moon and recite poems, but thieves hate it for fear of showing their ugly behavior.

Spring rain is as expensive as oil. Farmers love it because it moistens their crops, but travelers hate it because it makes the road muddy and difficult.

No matter how nice you are, not everyone will like you, some people envy you, some people hate you, some people envy you, others look down on you.

Why be angry in the face of other people's prejudices? You might as well have a good meal and go out and leave those words behind. Life is so good that there is no need to waste your mood for some idle people. If you want to read more wonderful articles, please follow the reading and appreciation of American articles.

Cymbal Cymbal Cymbal Cymbal Cymbal To practice a meditation. In order to look on the problem with a cold eye. Lose your temper so that you can communicate with others leisurely.

If you always care about what other people think, then your life is like a pair of underwear.

Face life with a smile and write life with true feelings. Appreciating others is a kind of realm; being kind to others is a kind of mind; in a person's life, in addition to encounter happy and happy things, but also will encounter sad things.

If you open up a little bit, you may be able to find the simplest happiness and peace of mind.

What is peace of mind?

Tao Yuanming said that picking wild flowers by the fence, inadvertently seeing Nanshan indifferent to fame and wealth is peace of mind.

Tao Yuanming's life after middle age was not smooth, but he was in the countryside, his mind was free and easy, and he maintained an indifferent attitude in the earthly world.

It is really putting the cart before the horse when he is burdened with striving for fame and fortune all his life.

Laozi said: the husband only does not fight, so he can fight with him at the end of the world.

First, do not compete with the laity for profit. The gentleman values morality, while the villain values interests. Fighting for fame and fortune is what villains are good at. If you can't fight, don't fight for it.

Second, do not compete with idle people. When you argue about a topic with others, you lose face, lose face, get angry and hurt yourself; when you win, you seem happy, but in fact you lose a friend, even bury the root of the disaster, and lose in the end.

Entangled in those meaningless arguments, hurt others, angry with themselves, why bother?

Life, vegetation, everyone is just a passer-by who comes and goes in a hurry. Fame and wealth are fleeting, are things outside the body, life does not bring, death does not take.

Indifference is a kind of nature, a kind of choice, a kind of demeanor, a kind of pursuit. Indifferent and clear-minded, make people appreciate and understand life; tranquil and far away, make people calm and open-minded.

No matter how the environment changes, a person's focus should be on his own heart. Life can refuse to give you a villa and a luxury car, but never refuse to give you breeze, bright moon, and inner peace.

Do not be surprised, watch the flowers bloom in front of the court; go or stay unintentionally, look at the clouds and clouds outside the sky.

If you can't ask for peace of mind, you can only understand it by yourself. Relieve yourself of the burden, relieve the pressure of the soul, let your heart be quiet and inactive, contain the water and calm the mountains. This may be a realm in life that we should pursue.

No matter how many grievances and pain you have experienced, you should stretch your eyebrows, have a rich and peaceful heart, and have a clear and open-minded character.

After all, true wealth is your peace of mind.