The simplest happiness is to practice in love.

I like the Qinghuan taste of the world with curling smoke, but I prefer the poetic Xanadu. I prefer the Zen beauty of Su and Jane. Cooking smoke is also another line of poetry. Poetry and painting are also the cooking smoke of the world. Between China's entry into the WTO and the birth of the world, there is Zen, meditation and Zen.

One flower, one world, one leaf, one Bodhi. Buddha said: sitting is also Zen, walking is also Zen. Color is empty, and emptiness is color. And this empty is also unsatisfactory in life, nine times out of ten. Open emptiness, let go of beauty, realized Zen.

Sanmao said that love will not last long if it does not fall into the real life of dressing, eating, sleeping and counting money. true love is the one who is not nervous and really loves you, that is, the person you can see without washing your face, combing your hair or wearing makeup. So, the person who has seen the ugliest and ugliest appearance of you, and is still with you, has met true love.

No matter how busy the day is, you have to steal half of your life. Read the Tang and Song poems, stop and go in the poetry, listen to the words of an ancient song, and stare at Yunjun Yunshu for a while. Take a walk in nature, listen to the sound of spring flowers, enjoy the coolness of summer lotus in the moonlight, listen to the silent whispers of autumn leaves, quietly understand the Zen meaning of raindrop plantains, and feel the moment of snowflakes melting in the palm of your hand. If the heart is at ease, it is graceful and graceful everywhere.

The wine, the song, life goes on. But for how long. For example, the morning dew has suffered a lot in the past. Live a poetic life, practice in love, every day is like a blank piece of paper, decorated with colors colorful flowers, changing nature, rich life. Rising a little hope, like the earthly smoke, a touch, two strokes are faint enough to become lines of poetry. More like, loving you and I hand in hand to find the earthly Prajna.

Most like the feeling of shopping in the vegetable market, in the shouts of the vendors, in a meal, the love of life is poured into the world fireworks, firewood, rice, oil and salt enjoy the taste of life, bitter and sweet taste of life. The taste of the world is Qinghuan, and that two strokes of cooking smoke are not lines of poetry in vain. In this world, there is no poetry without love. With love, the curl of smoke is a sincere and simple poem in the world.

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