The Spring Festival opens and closes year after year without saying goodbye.

Three pots of flowers at home are in full bloom. Cyclamen is hot, the roses are elegant, and the beautiful and elegant daffodils make this special year quiet.

At the beginning of the new year, the outbreak and wreaking havoc of novel coronavirus made the lively people panic during the Spring Festival. A grain of ash of the times, falling on an individual's head, is a mountain. My family and I hid at home, constantly watching the news on the Internet, and our mood went up and down with the development of the epidemic. At that moment, suddenly came bursts of fragrance, gentle caress, reassuring.

The daffodils bloomed overnight. If you want to ask about the recent news in the south of the Yangtze River, please give me a spring. Reading and appreciation of American articles

A clump of leek green, eight or nine daffodils, Yingying Tingting, elegant and elegant. Six white and symmetrical petals, dotted with round yellow hearts, the flowers are simple and clean, without any miscellaneous colors. Faint fragrance, clear bones, the kind of calm and quiet, is a cure, is a comfort, calming your heart.

These flowers, like the beautiful jade lost in ancient times, set off the noisy world as flawless. It is also like a fairy dressed in white, with a clean heart and a fragrance in the snow. Since he is a fairy bone, he Lao wears more makeup. In the moonlight, the evening wind brushed her hair in front of her temples, and there was no dust in the corner of her skirt.

At this moment, the rain falls at dusk, the daffodils are full of fragrance, looking forward to leisurely are all words: no spring will not come, under the epidemic, let us warm and protect each other.

On the day of the Lantern Festival, the weather is fine and the daffodils bloom. The color is white, like the night sky Haoyue, like mountain haze, wrapped in morning nectar, slowly reveal fragrance. The daffodil leaves are longer and thinner, but they are no longer bright green, and several branches are yellowing and drooping. I took care of it gently, knowing that with the end of the Spring Festival, the daffodils were using all their strength to reveal the color of her last life.

A piece of sunshine, I am quiet, do the beautiful thing at hand. Pick a few daffodils and put them beside them, with a touch of rhyme, faint fragrance and a vegetarian heart, simple and rare!

I like daffodils because they are easy to raise. A plate of clear water, a few pebbles, placed on the table windowsill, will be able to show Cui and spit fragrance in the cold winter when thousands of flowers wither. Spring is full of vigor, auspicious and warm. People often use her to celebrate the New year and make flowers. Every year on New year's Eve, the guest seats of the Spring Festival Gala are all pots of blooming daffodils. I don't know if I pay attention to them.

I like daffodils because of my father. Every New year, my father would raise daffodils. He calculated the time to buy a few plants and took good care of them. When the plant grew tall and a bud appeared, he fixed it with thin bamboo strips and observed and adjusted the shape from time to time. Chinese New year, daffodils have bloomed, fresh and beautiful, so that our humble home more solemn, gentle, New year visits to the villagers will be around to watch, Tut-tut boast a few words.

At that time, life was hard, material was scarce, and people were busy feeding themselves. It was a luxury to raise flowers and plants. Therefore, my father's daffodils, with respect for life and affection for time, have become a grand touch of color in my childhood memory.

Wang Zengqi wrote in the Qing confession of the Old Dynasty: poor families should also have a little color during the Spring Festival. Many families raise a pot of green garlic, which can be regarded as a substitute for daffodils. Look, how interesting life is. Although the days are cold, they are not optimistic and open-minded. That's what a father is. Be happy in any environment and always be interested in life. After raising four children, he never stopped raising flowers, birds and fishing.

That year, I was 7 years old. One day I saw someone eating persimmons, sucking and sucking. The delicious appearance made me greedy. At that time, I didn't know it was called persimmon, still less did I know it was expensive, and most people couldn't afford it. When he got home, he immediately asked his father for it, and the next day he brought back two tomatoes, which was too different from what he had imagined. I hurriedly described to him: the skin is easy to peel, very soft and juicy. Father smiled and said don't worry. Take a bowl, put the tomatoes in, and pour in the boiling water. The scalded tomato peel immediately fell off, he sprinkled some sugar on it, and the red and sweet persimmons came! He looked smug and naive as a child.

After a long time, these past events have long been floating smoke, and my father has passed away for many years. After I got married, I got into the habit of raising daffodils during the Spring Festival. In the twinkling of an eye, people have been far away, only daffodils, open and close year after year, do not say goodbye.

Last night, the last daffodil fell, under the shallow shadow of the moon, time fell all over the ground, there was no way to pick it up.