Fireworks love, fireworks happiness

June was the rainy season. This season, the weather is always changeable, sometimes it is raining non-stop, sometimes it is sunny. Finally, in June this year, because of a cold fever had to enter the hospital!

There were so many people in the hospital, probably because of the weather. While waiting for the nurse to give me medicine, while watching the nurse give people needles, hanging water.

Nurse, gently prick. She was afraid of hurting an old man in his sixties or seventies. She hugged her wife's shoulder and said to the nurse anxiously.

Stop it, people will laugh. I'm so old, and I'm still afraid of pain. It's embarrassing. His wife whispered.

Okay, okay, no. Nurse, be gentle, be gentle! The nurse laughed, and I couldn't help laughing.

He hung up the potion and sat next to the two old men.

Does it hurt? He asked softly.

It doesn't hurt! She smiled.

You two have such a good relationship! It was very enviable! Can't help but chat with the old man.

You don't know, he used to like smoking, but my throat can't smell smoke, so he gave it up. It's hard to quit.

You can't smell smoke in your throat, and it's all because of me. He kept holding his wife's hand.

Miss, you don't know. In the past, our conditions were not good. We could only cook and boil water with briquettes. Dust ball sometimes very difficult to give birth, smoke often choke her cough, has been crying. Therefore, her throat and eyes were not very good now. She often coughed and her eyes would shed tears when the wind blew. He looked at his wife, his tone full of heartache.

Why are you still talking about that? Aren't we doing well now? She said softly.

Seeing this pair of loving old people, a word flashed through my mind. Fireworks, a somewhat secular word, but also a very life of the word. We are all living in this secular world, doing mundane things, living ordinary fireworks life, talking about fireworks love, enjoying the happiness of fireworks.

Love is what we seek, what we expect. From the beginning of love, we have been looking for, but also has been fantasizing about what kind of love will encounter. All kinds of books describe love, beautiful, let us yearn for; sad, let us sad.

We also look forward to their own love, earth-shattering, stirring ileum. I hope there is a prince who comes with colorful clouds, and I hope there is a person who will find you after traveling thousands of rivers and mountains. Hope that love their own people, a day to make a lot of phone calls, send countless text messages. I hope that person will tell you how much he loves you. That person can think of you all the time. I can't wait to be together all the time. I always think that this can prove how much he loves and how deep his feelings are.

Love, more should be fireworks; happiness, should also be fireworks in life.

Once upon a time, there was a girlfriend who met a man and thought she met love. That man said to her, like her talent, like her beauty gentle, like her understanding. He was a man who loved art, and they talked about topics that had nothing to do with life. He will not buy medicine for her when she is sick, will not cook porridge for her, will not cook for her next time, finally, his girlfriend left him, girlfriend said: I and his love, no taste of life.

In life, we hope more is, what do you have, he will say, don't be afraid, there is me; that will ask you, have you eaten? What did you eat? The one who says, you have a bad stomach, don't eat hard, don't drink coffee, don't drink alcohol. The one who says, it's too cold today, don't wear a skirt, it's bad for your knees. The one who cooks breakfast for you; the one who hears you have a fever and brings you medicine even in the middle of the night. He cares about you, starting from the dribs and drabs of life, he may not say a lot of sweet words, but let your heart always warm.

The one who cares if you have a stomachache and asks around for remedies; the one who travels and prepares the necessary medicines; the one who says you are fat and yells to lose weight and immediately says you are fooling around; the one who says you have a lot of white hair again and he doesn't care but will dye it black because he knows you care about it; the one who gets a headache when you are sick; the one who gets angry when he smokes; The one who sees him drink and you lose your temper with him because of his high blood pressure. In short, two people are noisy in their pyrotechnic life, but they will not separate and still live a colorful life.

Life is a pot of trifles. What is happiness? Happiness is a porridge and a meal in trivial life.

Two people together, live a daily life of rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea, and feel the dribs and drabs of love in life. We can't eat at multi-star restaurants every day, or go to Kempinski every day to listen to live piano, drink coffee and eat dessert. Those exquisite food with exquisite tableware, listening to live music, drinking afternoon tea life, perhaps we all yearn for, can really live this kind of life how many people? That kind of consumption is not something everyone can afford. Moreover, even if you have enough economic ability, but when you go home, your home does not smell of fireworks, the kitchen has not been used once, the dishes have not been removed, there is not a vegetable in the refrigerator, there is not a dish of meat Ask, your home, really like a home? Does it really feel like a home with a taste of life?

Most of us, most days, cook at home. We can walk around the market hand in hand, buy a basket of vegetables, cook a pot of rice, he asks you to put an apron around him, say to cook you a few dishes you like to eat, but also drink some wine, so we live our own small life. After dinner, they cleaned up the dishes together, and then each of them took a fruit and walked hand in hand. Such a life, fireworks, happiness!

It is said that the pen of the writer can write love as he wants. Can write pure love; can write yearning unforgettable; can write love can not keep the sad love; can write the death of love sad song if, in the dead of night, you concentrate on beating the text, he made a cup of your favorite green tea, replace you have cooled the coffee, you will not laugh from the heart? I think I will!

Love a person, is not what vows, but give her a fireworks life, fireworks happiness!

The smell of fireworks is the warmth of solidity!

If let me choose, I would like to meet a can give me fireworks love, and I live a fireworks life, and then, two people in this life, slowly old!