Because of love, so love

Meeting is clearly the fate of a previous life.

No matter this shore or the other shore, no matter the flowers bloom or fall, there will always be a person who inadvertently intrudes into your world. The familiar breath is all your expectations in this life. Speechless smile, then simply hit your heart, so gently hurt, love, leisurely.

It's good to meet.

Isn't it? The natural care, the taste of deja vu, touched all the softness in your heart so easily, and settled gently in your life. At that moment, mountains and water depend on each other, wind and clouds embrace each other, even time seems to be static, only waiting for the interpretation of a snow and moon event.

Love is a dream that blossoms and never wakes up. Love, do not ask for a fireworks to accompany, only ask for the two hearts across the mountain and water. The soft call, the waiting with no regrets, let time spread into the most direct warmth of life in the wind led by the heart and heart. So gently put each other in the bottom of my heart, bitter, smiling; worried, watching; sore, sweet. Love is always a place for sorrows and joys.

If the feelings can be handled just right, it must be that the heart has not yet been delivered. Some people say: only when one learns to love can one learn tolerance and forgiveness. Yes, if love is a lotus, the most beautiful love must be the bitter lotus heart, suffering to the heart, and then have the beauty of the lotus. Not everyone can suddenly look back and see the man in the dim light. In this world, there are many people who like or love each other, but few of them can touch the heart and hide each other deeply in a corner of the heart. What you feel with your heart is the truest and most beautiful.

Visual touching can only be called shallow joy, while spiritual touching is affectionate. Attraction is not wishful thinking, there must be a shining quality to penetrate. Most of the time, what can touch the heartstrings must be a warm and clean emotion. If the heart is pure and flawless, it is easy to get close to each other. The mutual attraction of souls and the extravagant hope of a beautiful heart is a kind of tranquil and indifferent supremacy. Spend all the good time, accompanied by the clear spring of the years deeply rooted in the heart. No matter where the person is, no matter where the heart is, in the dead of night, it will more or less spread a spiritual desire, will inadvertently find the tenderness in the bottom of my heart, that kind of spiritual expectation, warm softness, shallow coolness, faint pain, want to talk, can't stop.

There is a kind of love, pure, clear and beautiful only in two gentle hearts; there is a kind of love, far away, but as clear and warm as the sun in each other's lives; there is a kind of encounter, as the poet Browning wrote: he looked at her, she looked back at him and smiled, and life suddenly revived. Just because of one more look, only because of a gentle smile, there is no oath, but there is a silk-like delicate, feather-like dense silk, hidden into the bone and blood, pulse, so that life more than a different kind of yearning.

Tianya accompanied, doomed to be only as far as near distance, let people yearn for, but also safe and comfortable. It is an immeasurable emotion in life that they meet each other with a light smile and a heart-to-heart connection without words. No matter how many years, I will never forget. No matter what happens, I won't give up. Even if it is impossible to get together, even if it can only be hidden in the bottom of my heart, it is a kind of speechless comfort.

All the encounters are not too late, as long as we meet in this life, it is just right. If there is no encounter, perhaps life is just a straight line, life and death are linked, there is no suspense. Glad there is no if, Thanksgiving this warm twists and turns, let us learn to wait and join hands, understand love and tolerance, understand choice and respect, understand a simple life to have a distant dream.

You see, the belated story, with belated emotion, any whirling woman in the world, any time and space is remote, we use the warmest thoughts, close to the inner feelings, depend on each other, know each other, warm a meeting.

It is you who gently awaken my deep-buried longing and faint yearning, pulling out buds from the bottom of my heart and growing in the direction of you in the distance. It is you who quietly push open the closed door of my heart, moisten all things silently, carve a little heartache in your heart, and know the power that breeds hope. In the tacit understanding of telepathy, nothing can replace your truth. I am indifferent and happy, accompanied silently, you smile and whisper, I know in this life. That thin, that light, that little bit, that Didi, weave a nostalgia, blend an entanglement, no matter how far time goes, we will not lose each other.

Love to the depths is speechless, even if I don't see you for the rest of my life, I will still accompany you and feel each other in the vast crowd. Amazing time, in the end, but the gentle years, the most lasting, not warm possession, but ordinary dependent, silent accompany. Sometimes, a lifetime is too far away, but some people will stay in their hearts for a lifetime.

Originally, love, just because of love, do not want to become who, just want to simply have this warm accompanying day. Then, the two people cherish each other, warm and considerate to each other, love each other, ignore the noisy crowd, pass through the prosperity and loneliness, and stay in each other's lives.

Because of love, so love.

Author: ink Lotus Wechat official account: MOER2200