Meeting is the most beautiful accident.

Always affectionate, but how shallow, but do not regret Acacia.


Meet: a beautiful accident

How many unexpected encounters can reap a lifetime of happiness, but we are only an unromantic encounter but let me fall into endless lovesickness. No, it can't be said to be an encounter, it can only be said to be an encounter. But in the vast sea of people, in uncertain time, uncertain place, in the long river of the unknown future, I met you, is the most beautiful accident in life.

Always like such a sentence: always deep in love, but how shallow, but do not regret Acacia. I fell in love with you at first sight, but you fell in love with me at first sight. At the beginning of my love affair, I met you in the wrong place at the wrong time. I never thought that you would always appear in my dream. At the moment I saw you, I knew what my heart was. When the young man in white appeared in front of me, I knew that I was no longer the unworldly me. My heart is speeding up because of you, and my eyes have been following your shadow. You are a teenager in the crowd, attracting the eyes of countless people, and I am an ordinary girl in the crowd. I think our distance is shown at that moment! However, I am reluctant to put up my eyes, I know our distance, but I do not care, I just want to look at you silently, this is my persistence.

I know, like does not mean to have, to be able to look at your every move, I am very happy. When you hand over the coat, let me help you put it, at that moment, I dare not look up to see you, I am really timid. But, you know, I was very nervous and my face should be very red, so I dared not look at you. Although I didn't drink, I seemed drunk at that moment. I was really excited when I took your coat and felt your breath on it, but I didn't dare to show it too obviously. When you help everyone scoop up the soup, when it comes to me, I carefully hand you the bowl, my head is lower. I think, I am drunk, drunk in your thoughtfulness and tenderness, drunk in your white eyes, and for the first time I hope I do not wake up, hope to stay drunk.

However, I have always known very well that the story of the prince and Cinderella is just a fairy tale. In our reality, there will be no such fairy tale. Shining like you, on the court, you attracted too much attention; and I, so ordinary, inconspicuous, I know, you did not see me, it does not matter, I just looked at you. When you have a good time with girls who know how to drink, I'm a little worried that it's bad for your health if you drink too much. People often say that when you care about and worry about that person, he has a different place in your heart. I think you are the proof of this sentence. I was worried that you drank too much, but I also envied the girls who could drink with you. For the first time, I blamed myself for why I didn't know how to drink. You see, am I crazy? in order to have a close contact with you, I can't believe I blame myself.

Courage: love really needs courage

It's 12 o'clock. Cinderella should leave, but there are no glass slippers left. I left calmly, you didn't find out. Because to you, I am just a stranger, it doesn't matter, my departure can't disturb your whereabouts. I looked back in three steps, and at that moment, I finally realized the taste of it. After that night, I asked people who knew you about you consciously or unconsciously. Timid as I am, I am afraid that others will know what's on my hidden mind. I always inquire about you in a joking way. However, always fail, because they don't know much about you, but the only good thing is that I know your name. In the third year of senior high school, we do not have much intersection. You are in the science class and I am in the liberal arts class. The only intersection is the ranking of the results of the whole grade. When our exam results come out, I am always the first to check your scores. When people ask me why I look at the scores of the science class, I always laugh but do not answer, because you are the secret that I cannot tell.

Countless times I fantasize about meeting you again, so that I can say hello to you and you can get to know me. However, on the campus, which has always been very small in my heart, I suddenly feel very big after knowing what I think. In that half a year, I never met you once, we are not too unpredestined ah! Even many times, I can not bear, want to come to you, to make friends with you, and then say like you, but at that time I am not brave enough, I am afraid not to refuse, afraid of being laughed at; adolescence, I am too timid, but also take face too seriously. In this way, we graduated, and we just missed it.

Miss: miss is the pain of breathing

When I heard your news again, I was so excited. I never thought that the parallel lines that were drifting away were once again close to each other. And I thought my love for you was over with the end of graduation, but when I saw your picture, I knew it wasn't over, the teenager in my heart was still you, no matter how long it took, that position was still reserved for you. Parallel lines do not intersect, but at that moment I forgot.

I never thought I would miss you again. I once thought that I had given up, but when I saw the photo, I really felt my love. I didn't know how to describe it. But I just can't calm down any more. I think I should be impulsive, too.

Young I do not know how to like a person, when I met you, I know very clearly! Like a person is to keep collecting information about you, your past, your friends, your preferences, your everything I don't want to miss. Although I can not participate in your past and future, I want to feel everything about you now. I give myself a chance to let my actions follow my heart. so, I have been to the places you have been, I have read the books you said, I have praised your Weibo, I want to go through everything you have been through, but the only thing I can't do is to see you.

Perhaps, in the eyes of others, I am too timid, why not talk about love with you, but I think like is a matter of one person, love is a matter of two people, I know that few people can understand my idea, but I don't care. I just hope I like you silently. In fact, I am afraid, I am afraid that my actions will scare you, I am afraid that my impulse will make our only direct contact is gone, so I dare not do anything, because I am really afraid that the result will make me unacceptable. So, I want to look at you silently, that would be good.

I once asked you if you had a girlfriend, and you said no. Do you know how happy I was at that moment? Because I once said to myself, if you have a girlfriend, I will no longer like you, I will give up you, but you give me a reason to continue to like you. But I also know in my heart that you will not like me, because there is always someone you like in your heart, but I don't care, it is enough to like you so quietly, because this is the greatest happiness for me.

Giving up: maybe giving up is the most beautiful result.

Is it worth it? I asked myself countless times in my heart, but each time I firmly said it was worth it. Because of you, I want to be better for the first time; because of you, I try to communicate with others; because of you, I learn to be strong. That's what I prepared for you, because I hope that when I meet you again, I will appear in front of you with the most perfect posture. I am very grateful to you, because of your relationship, a very self-abased girl, began to learn self-confidence and strong.