There is a kind of happiness that has nothing to do with love

Standing on the ferry of spring, walking in the world of mortals with the posture of a flower. Shallow years, Enron quiet good, there is love in the heart, lotus heart to cross the world. Hold a ray of warm sun, keep a green for the first time, not for a lifetime of prosperity, put the traces of years with an ink fragrance, gracefully into a shallow poem, with love as paper, love as ink, a heart pen, in this spring season, for you ink fragrance, poetry sprinkled into lines.

The geometry of life, several degrees of sunset. Inadvertently pass by, will become our memory of the most beautiful scenery, fate to meet thousands of miles, no chance to meet face-to-face, since then, your face will be hidden in my mind, lingering. In many dreams, I sit side by side with you, watching the afterglow of the sunset, listening to the splendor of the waves beating against the shore, walking among the fragrant flowers, whispering in the flowers, watching the romance of butterflies playing and chasing.

Listen to an old song, taste a cup of tea, watch a spring rain, think about a feeling. World of mortals love songs, not every capital is worth remembering, not every song is worth loving. Tonight, the wind is clear, the clouds are light, playing a solo song for you, although all over the world, but the heart is mysterious, people of the promontory, are you sleepless all night like you, listening to the silent poetry of flowers?

It's late at night, and you can't sleep. A candlelight is soft and elegant, blushing his face, moistening his heart, and whispering all over his body. Enjoy a bright moon breeze, express a period of feelings, taste a mouthful of tea, recall a period of past events such as smoke. If time can stay for you, I would like to pick up a pen and wave ink for you, brush your sleeves, turn the beautiful blessings into poems, turn them into a ray of breeze, fall in front of your window, protect you from the wind and rain, and protect your peace and happiness for the rest of your life.

Plain and simple words are elegant in the fragrance of the other shore. In fact, happiness is not the so-called material and money, a true feeling, accompanied forever, that is the real possession, the possession of wealth is only physical satisfaction. And there is a person who understands you and is willing to accompany you all his life, is the most precious wealth in life. There is a kind of happiness, called treasure, there is a kind of happiness, called forever! Understand each other, speechless is also warm. Life can have several times to get drunk, would like to get a heart, white heads do not leave each other.

Emotion is romantic, but life is realistic. Not all dreams will come true. If you love each other, you may not grow old together. How many lovers can not finally get married, can only rely on the window lattice in the quiet night, looking out of the window, miss into a star, in the vast night sky, the heart of the love sent to the other side, let the evening breeze go away the most sincere blessing. How many nights, sprinkle ink fragrance, wake up to find that the crowd looking for him thousands of degrees, suddenly look back, that person is in the dim lights.

There is a kind of love, called letting go, there is a kind of happiness, not day and night, but the blessing of each other. Love a person is to make each other happy, not possession, each other's happiness, is their greatest wish. Since can not give each other happiness, it is better to let go, let go, is also a state of mind and practice. In the world of mortals, an accidental encounter, like a wisp of spring breeze, will make ripples on the quiet surface of the lake, a piece of Acacia, a section of singing, although at the end of the world, but close at hand.

Tonight, I look for you in the Tang and Song poems. A piece of nostalgia, write a lifetime of peace for you, with yearning as ink, with love as pen, passionate ink, thousands of words into one sentence, if you are happy, the four seasons fragrance!

(QQ:66371280 Wang Zhijie / tr. by Phil Newell)