Keep a city alone, just waiting for a person

Walking alone in this familiar and unfamiliar city, I felt so at a loss for the first time. I say it is familiar because I have been here for some time and know almost what I need to know. I say that it is strange because I suddenly find that I know too little about it. Just walk aimlessly, without thinking about where you're going. For the first time, I felt that the city was so empty, and I seemed to be the only one walking along the wide street.

What should go or can not stay is always to go, and the rest will always be lonely watchers. Guarding their city and what they once had in this city. I've heard such a saying: if you can't afford to make a promise to someone, remember to take everything you have, including your feelings, when you leave the city. But often there are a lot of careless forgot to put this most important thing-love bag and then take away, leaving a relationship, with another full of scars waiting in the loneliness.

Facing the sea, I found that I was always going against the current. I like to go against the current in the crowd, and often unconsciously. Because only in this way, I can clearly see that others certainly know how to avoid some unnecessary harm. With each other, I was overwhelmed and even began to feel some delirium. Do not think or listen to the noisy sound, no longer look at that strange face, because they make me feel inexplicably afraid and helpless. Finally deeply realized that "in the crowd, I am so lonely". Fear, fear, a little more fear. I can only choose to escape, maybe I have no choice but to escape. Away from the crowd, hiding in a corner of the city, I fell sad tears!

A lot of people who don't understand come together, and finally live a lifetime of peace and happiness. But those who really love each other can not come together, separate between thoughts, or even enmity. Watching such stories unfold in this city and then come to an end. Occasionally ask yourself: why be so stubborn, can't you do more for yourself? Even a little bit is fine! Knowing that this should not happen and can not continue, why still can not let go, but also have something to look forward to? And what will be waiting for me? So I began to waver and cried again and again in a quiet corner. Then, dry your tears and walk into your own world with a smile!

I don't know when the rain has come quietly, and the pedestrians on the road are becoming less and less. Looking at the oncoming couple, the smile on their faces is very sweet, as if everything can feel how happy they are from their smiling faces. Then look down at yourself, I do not know when has been drenched in the drizzle, did not expect that at this time I will be so embarrassed ah. Again and again walking in the road we have walked hand in hand, still looking down for those long gone footprints, looking for that period of emotion blown by the wind, there may be traces of it. But, where is my her? Where have you been?!

It often happens quietly when it shouldn't happen, but suddenly disappears when it shouldn't end!

Sometimes will laugh at themselves, this empty city in addition to their own will have nothing more, why stay? Am I waiting for the next one? Who am I waiting for? The city is not as beautiful as I thought, there are no snowflakes in the cold winter, but it has remembered our smiles, bit by bit. Along the way, we have no sorrow, only laughter. So I gave it a name "City without tears". But one day, because of the departure of so-and-so, it has changed, but it is still a city without tears, because the tears left behind are all gone! I don't know if you will care about the distance between the two cities, but I will care, really care, because the distance will really open the emotional distance between us!

Winter is coming, spring will not be too far away, what is waiting for us will be spring blossoms again. It should be snowing there too! But snowflakes will never float into our city without tears. I can only imagine playing in the snow again and again.

"ask you that there is no time to return", I think happiness is not a drizzle, happiness will not fall from the sky …... Sometimes happiness equals senseless persistence.

Without your city, the world becomes very small and empty. I am the only one left in the empty city, waiting quietly with the feelings that have already lost the temperature. I think the flower shedding has nothing to do with blooming, the result has nothing to do with the beginning, what matters is the process. Yes, what matters is the process, but how many people really care about the process?

I stood in the place where we met, waiting for you like at the beginning.

For one person, keep an empty city alone; for one person, keep a share of loneliness, keep a share of truth that is hard to give up!

Author: blue lover