Who are you waiting for?

Who are you waiting for?

You don't seem to care about anything, as if nothing can stir up waves in your heart. You're cool, you're pushing people away. In fact, you are just afraid to protect yourself with a hard and cold shell. In fact, after being injured, it takes courage to believe unconditionally. Your happiness and sadness are not real.

You are in the space sun food, sun travel photos, sun all kinds of happiness. However, no one knows that you have just had a big fight with your boss, experienced a bottleneck in your career, and your mood has sunk to the bottom. You act like nothing happened, showing people you're fine. Try to hide your sadness, try to act perfect. However, no one knows that you are silently swallowing in the corner, no one knows how lonely the lights in the room are in the dead of night.

You keep saying you don't want to get married, you like being alone, you like being alone. You can cook your favorite meals, you can read your favorite books quietly at night, you can go to the seaside to watch the sunrise. However, he could leave whenever he wanted, and he was not bound. However, what others don't know is that when you get sick and have a fever, you have to get up in the middle of the night to boil water. In fact, you also want to have a person who appears anytime and anywhere. Others say you ask too much, the pursuit of true love is childish. In fact, you are not disappointed in love, just do not want to be. One person is afraid of loneliness, two people are afraid of failing. And you would rather be alone in the end, also do not want to live up to every good sincere heart. You just believe that love is late, not absent. You are still waiting, waiting for a person to walk into your world, let you hold your hand, and the ordinary love of old age.

I know it's not you, you shine on the surface, you swallow alone behind the bitter.

I know it's not you, you'll be angry and swearing, you're not the virtuous in the eyes of others Quiet.

I know it's not you, big smile, strong and brave, you're just a homesick crying kid.

Habit smile does not mean that will not sad, habit indifferent does not feel warm. However, he could not cry and laugh whenever he wanted. I know, it wasn't you.

But if that's not you, then who is?

If you can be simple and happy, why bother pretending? I know you're hungry, too.

A warm embrace will also make you so at ease, a lamp waiting for you to go home forever will be so bright and beautiful, and a promise of never leaving will be enough to keep you company. You're just longing.

Mo Mo Hong Chen, who are you? Who are you waiting for?

"Among thousands of people, you meet those you've met. Through thousands of years, with the boundlessness of time, you happen to meet them, neither earlier nor a bit too late." Then you can quietly say, waiting for you for a long time, you finally came.

I think, there will always be people in this world across the sea, come to your side, not reluctantly, not make do, simple and comfortable, comfortable and safe, understand you, love you, so life.