The best relationship is that I understand you.

Everyone will go through many single-handed battles in his life, and some roads can only be walked by himself, but when you look back, you will find that someone is not far away, silent, but right there.

Can have a few people who know the cold and know the heat, understand your joys and sorrows, no matter they are relatives, friends, lovers, will make this long life, become particularly warm.

Some people say that we will meet about 29.2 million people in our lifetime, and most of the encounters we experience pass by each other. Some people are just superficial courtesy and pleasantries, while others really know each other and get to know each other from the bottom of their hearts.

Most people only care about whether you fly high or not, and only a few people who really understand you will care about how you are doing, will see your hard work and pay, and feel sorry for you.

Some suffering must be endured by a person with clenched teeth, but someone can listen to you complain when you are fragile and want to cry, give you a hug, and digest the negative energy with you, just like a warm light in the night, so that you can build up the strength to move on.

It is easier to meet than to defend each other, but it is easier to rejoice than to know how difficult it is.

The most rare thing in this life is not that someone loves you, but that someone really understands you, your mind, your silence and your desire to speak.

As Liao Yimei said: people in this life, encounter love, encounter sex, are not rare, what is rare is to encounter understanding.

In fact, the best relationship can only be understood in two words.

I read a sentence a long time ago, and I think of it every time I mention knowing the word:

Many people get married just to find someone to watch a movie with, not someone who can share the experience of watching a movie. If it's just to find a partner, I don't want to get married. I can go to the movies by myself.

Yes, if you don't meet the person who can really understand you, you can only make do with each other, and it is difficult for the three values and the soul to agree with each other. How can you be happy for a long time?

Any relationship is like this, mutual understanding, mutual understanding, can accompany each other for a longer way.

People who understand you will know that you like apples rather than pears. He will not force you to be strong, nor will he love you in his own way, but will give you the feelings you want in the way you like.

People who understand you will accompany you silently when you don't want to talk, instead of blindly asking what's wrong with you. He will be willing to take the initiative to think about your thoughts, take care of your emotions and feelings, and won't let you cry or be vulnerable alone.

It's easy to be with people who understand you, and it won't be awkward to sit still with each other. You don't have to bother to find a topic, you don't have to think about every word, because you know it, you don't have to worry about disturbing each other.

Those can not be expressed in words and grievances, someone can understand, can whisper to you: I know, it is really a great comfort.

Between people, but the fate of a lifetime, and understand you together, live up to a life.

Heart is better than appearance, understanding is more important than love, don't waste your heart and feelings, leave it to those who are worth it, it makes sense.

Like Alice, who was once called the loneliest whale in the world by scientists, he may have wondered whether he could only swim in the deep sea all his life, and no one could understand him.

But Alice eventually encountered the same frequency, and for a long time to come, its songs could be understood and its emotions could be understood.

You don't have to make do with it, try to be yourself, and on the way forward, you will always meet like-minded people.

May we all find people who are right for us, understand each other and live a comfortable life for the rest of our lives.