Who is who missed the most beautiful scenery?

You are a prodigal son, like to go to strange cities, meet strange people, like to try different things, like exciting life, like to go on a journey. And I only like peace and stability. I live the same life every day. Probably the most adventurous thing I have ever done in my life is to fall in love with you. I never want to bind you, you can go crazy wherever you want to go. I just want you to know that in this familiar city, I am still waiting for you. When you are tired, come back and have a rest.

This is her last time to retain, said these words, as if exhausted all her strength, originally thought he would be moved, did not expect only in exchange for a breakup. Four years of entanglement finally ended at this moment.

Know Xiaoshi is at a party, at that time I just experienced lovelorn, depressed, the whole person is in a decadent state, depressed, a person hiding in the corner drinking. Xiaoshi was a girl who didn't like to be busy, so she sat next to me. She has a pair of talking eyes and always reveals a cherished expression. I always joke that if I were a boy, I would get her, and she always blames me for talking nonsense.

That day, I felt as if I had met a savior. I complained to her in tears. I can't remember the specific content, which probably means how much I paid for my boyfriend, but in the end he left and so on. and she just listened quietly.

But afterwards she always laughed at me about it, saying that I was a real complaining woman that day. We left our own contact information, but until now I still think it's amazing to be friends with her. The two of us have completely different personalities, one is careless and impatient, the other is gentle, quiet and delicate.

Xiaoshi's boyfriend is a so-called prodigal son, always say go, play tired and come back to accompany her for a few days, wait for enough to say hello and then leave. And Xiao Shi also seems to be used to this kind of him, never ask him where he goes, as long as he comes back, he will take care of him wholeheartedly.

At that time, many of my friends were passionately in love, without exception, girls were spoiled to the sky, and she was a special being. I often feel worthless for her. An excellent and beautiful girl like her should be spoiled rather than indulge others, but she is always willing.

Because of my work, I was sent out of town for two months, during which time we seldom contacted each other. By the time I went back to see her again, she had cut her long hair short, her eyes were full of sadness, and they broke up. I asked her why, she just vaguely said, tired, the final retention is only to let oneself give up.

They met and fell in love in college. At that time, many people pursued Xiaoshi, but she chose him. She said that she could find something she didn't have in him. I think it was probably because she longed for madness and unfettered life and freedom in her blood.

All the people are not optimistic about their love, but they still stick to it for four years. At first, he invited Xiaoshi when he went out to play, but after a long time, he didn't even bother to make a phone call, and the two of them only had dinner once in a while. Moreover, there is no shortage of girls around him, but it is strange that no one has ever mentioned a breakup. There are many kinds of love, but there is only one kind of love, that is, selfishness. maybe he just takes a fancy to the freedom given to him by Xiaoshi. And Xiaoshi just looked for what he longed for from him, and always felt that it was not like love, but rather like a deal to get what he needed. After graduation, in order to be with him, she accompanied him to this strange city to work hard, but now there is nothing left with a breakup.

Love is probably like this, not all efforts can be rewarded; not all waiting can be exchanged for return. Everyone wants a happyending. But you know, how rare it is to find someone who is willing to get up earlier than you every day, to make you breakfast and wake you up; to spend the rest of your life with you, to have children together, and to join hands into old age. This summer, Xiao Shi went back to her hometown and fell in love again. She said that after waiting for so many years, she was tired and wanted to find someone to rely on. The people he is with now are very steady and considerate. Maybe she's going to start a real relationship this time.

Love is not a necessity, but once infected, it becomes addictive. In the age of youth, we all have this or that persistence, foolishly thinking that as long as we pay, there will be something in return, but love is never a matter of reward, and there is no formula or law to follow. Sometimes because of reluctance, it will make the process long and difficult, but no matter what will pass. Everything we have experienced is like a seed leading to the future. One day this seed will bloom with the most beautiful posture, so that you can meet the right person in the most beautiful season.

Author: blue Sunshine