The original love may never come back.

The breeze blew gently, the wound in my heart, too much care, and now I think too much. I don't want to hold on to it any more, but I'm afraid I'll be more sad.

Once those promises and waiting, now also become to think too much. You said that our love, to make good use of, but did not expect that now you will hurt me.

Hurt words can not be said all the time, is love not enough, or hurt too much. The wound in the heart, the pain of entanglement, can not escape the reunion of fate.

The encounter between you and me may have been a mistake. Never thought that I would have any result with you, maybe from the beginning, I never thought about it.

Maybe this is the result of you and me, even if the broken heart is lonely. I don't want to take the only tenderness I had in the past and continue my life in the future.

I don't want to torture, I don't want to be sad. I just want to live a good, simple life from now on. Perhaps let go, let go of you, let go of love, in order to free yourself.

If you don't love me, don't come near me. Don't hurt me again, and don't give it to me. Look forward to again and again, again and again lost, the heart is always difficult to heal the wound.

Really do not want to continue the wound, do not want to look forward to anything. Finally in tears, learned to understand. To give you the last love is to let go of your hand.

The original love may never come back. Do not want to struggle with this emotion, whether your heart has me, maybe only you understand.

Originally, this relationship still can not escape the arrangement of fate, after all, can not escape the fate of time, this relationship may go too far, we may never be able to come back, like a kite broken line.

Do not want to continue entanglement, because I still do not understand. The pain in the heart, but also spread in the heart, allowing me to entangle for the last time.

Time has stopped here, and our love has come here. Always have to leave, long pain is not as good as short pain. I will leave with a smile, I believe I will be brave for this.

From then on, I will love you very much. I will move forward bravely in my life without you. Happy smile, brave and strong, no longer hurt.

It is so difficult to love and to be loved. I hope I will be brave, but also believe in courage. Now I can not face you, can only choose to leave silently, even if I will cry, will be reluctant to give up, but I know in my heart.

If there is no result in a relationship, don't pester it any more. If you pester around, it will become a complaint. I don't want to be that person, and I don't want to be that person because of you.

I can't keep waiting, I hope you can understand, you can understand. It's not that I'm not brave, but you always make me confused. The love of the past can never be found.

Don't expect me any more and don't expect your love any more. I have long understood and learned to be brave. Don't want to give in to yourself, that will only make you unable to extricate yourself.

Thinking too much is still an injury. Do not want to go to entanglement with you, this is the end, I give you the last love. Let you go, and let myself go, so that I won't continue to hurt you.

I hope my departure, in exchange for your fulfillment, but also in exchange for your happiness, change your understanding. Don't get hurt again, love is not as difficult as we thought.

I don't blame you, and I don't hate myself. Perhaps this is a doomed arrangement, can not get rid of the entanglement. Maybe I owe you in my last life, so I have to be hurt by you in this life.

I hope you understand that I'm leaving. I will move forward bravely, and I always firmly believe and understand. I will find true love, and one day you will understand that all I want is simple.

No hurt, no more suffering, no more sadness, so that there will be no remembrance. Perhaps this parting is for many years, inadvertently may miss.

I have left, no longer remember your love for me. I don't want to take the beauty of the past and torture my present. I have understood that it is only for the brave.

I am used to not having you by my side, no longer care about the love you give me, the original beautiful love is only a flash in the pan, after all can not escape the fate of the arrangement.

I no longer cling to the good things lost by the slip of my fingertips, and the bad news has already come out. Maybe this is just one that can't stand time, can't stand any harm, and a feeling is cut off like this.

Thinking too much turns out to be just an injury. Do not want to continue to spread the injury, let love fill you and my heart. Believe in love, because it is beautiful and colorful.

I am no longer sad, nor do I expect your love. I have learned to cherish the love around me. You are just a passer-by in my life, a harbor of suspension.

We will always go back to the original world, you and I are so broken, there is no longer any intersection. You're still you, I'm still me, that's all.

We'll all be brave, and I'm sure you know that. Short-term love is beautiful, but it can't stand time, and it won't be permanent injury. The gentle memories of the past have long gone with the wind.

The next corner, I will let you see, my happy smile. I gave myself courage and learned to treat my present and my future with my heart.

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