Goodbye, maybe never again

Some people say that all the encounters in the world are reunion after parting, which seems to have a little Zen reincarnation, I do not know, the acquaintance on the network is not an encounter, do not know whether all the encounters are related to the wind and moon, or how much a little helpless emotion, no matter what, these seemingly sensitive words seem to be our great human imagination, if so, I would rather choose acquaintance.

We met in midsummer, no wind, no moon, only a pot of turbid wine accompanied by a pool of cool, I hid in the depths of the park, separated by a curtain of dusk, overlooking the window of light. You in the water side, with a wisp of breeze shake down a floor fragrance, the sky flash of light looming clouds, I only in the abrupt willow wandering. The wind is more urgent, mixed with drips, I walk hurriedly, hide in the wind and rain pavilion, the rain is more urgent, carrying a slight cold, I hold my arms in front of my chest, my heart is very warm, because I forget the time.

That night, you must be too lonely, for no reason, who will appreciate the storm? I am a little drunk, you laugh at me blurred, no wonder, long-term outside, inevitably a little empty. I drink with you, you excuse decline, I laugh you too reserved, life can get a few times drunk? How can you know what it's like to be drunk without ever getting drunk? You have no objection, seems to have some praise, after all, life is not short, said long, did not taste all the ups and downs, it is a pity.

The night is long, the wind and rain send people home, I take a tired trembling in the middle of the street, there are frogs and drums singing in my ears, the wide street is like a river, under the dim light of the street lamp, the microwave, the petal red chasing the residual leaves, at the corner, turned into a parting.

We have since made a bond, a good bond. You always stand at your own ferry, not backward, not forward, neither hot nor cold, neither salty nor light, I come with a smile, not far away, not close. We are like pine rock, lotus pond full moon, we are more like spring grass Liaoyuan, water over the beach. Your words are tactful, your voice is brilliant, like the leaves of late autumn, like the snow petals of early winter, like a touch of red at dusk, like a fantasy in the middle of the night. I dare not get too close, afraid of hurting the long-lost spring, also dare not go too far, afraid to forget what is goodbye. You are still, still, smile to see flowers bloom, static leaning against the window, perhaps will steal a glance, perhaps for the wind scattered clouds, the moon is missing full moon. Sometimes looking at each other is also a kind of reading, just reading, not heart-rending, just a kind of indifferent.

We have never been in a hurry to leave and regret, after all, who is not who's shoulder, perhaps in the middle of the night to chat a few words, ask good night, casual, light, do not increase or decrease, simple is a sweet, after all, friends do not grow round.

You have your principles, I have my faith, fortunately met at the intersection, you on the left, I am on the right, you north, I south, originally, you and I are just a brush shoulder. Xu is such an outcome is forever, I do not regret, because you let me know their own, see the foot, know the fate. I have to admire your determination. Even if the sky falls outside the window, you still sit and watch the wind and clouds rise, and you have nothing to do with the flowers on your temples. This kind of attitude of being aloof from the world is also cultivation.

You say you like soft, I say you live in a dream, thinking of sister Lin all day, how can you see the sky of the next world? We have talked about the red house, different views, you still, I still. From then on, you and I seem to have become natural enemies, you say love to do with me, I do not admit defeat, because I do not want to change for you, after all, the network is a line, sooner or later, to be broken, you and I have the heart, you can continue, you and I have no chance, scattered, I can not violate God's will, you are still light to see. For a few years, there are laughter, sadness, okay, there is warm sun in winter.

Maybe we are too embarrassed, the boundary between you and me, you never close, I also stand far away, you can hear the wind blowing, rain falling, flowers floating red. After all, the wind has passed your hair, painstakingly sent a faint fragrance, no regrets, such a distance is just right, you have your corner, I have my blue. You never agree with what red face, blue face, I agree, these seemingly subtle words are playful, simply profane the holy purity, I am glad, so far there is no one, you and I are just accidental.

Suddenly one day, you waved goodbye, although the heart has nothing to send, how much there is a little curiosity, I know, you are bound by yourself, you ask me if I will have a little sad, of course, walk for so long, I am not cold-blooded. That night, my network is not good, intermittent, you said it doesn't matter, just to tell the other, you said, goodbye may never see, I did not retain, to you, calm, to me, calm, calm, in the world, light!

Author: Seven Steps