I don't complain about the loneliness of waiting, and I don't regret the pain of Acacia.

It's hard to dream late at night.

I am gazing at the star twinkling in the night sky.

I am eager to fly over the space in my dream and realize the dream that will accompany you all my life.

In the vast Internet sea, accidentally met you, instantly shocked my heart. Do you know that your appearance, for those who love you, like a rainbow after the rain, makes people feel the beauty of life, your greetings, a care, will bring joy and happiness!

Since then, whenever night falls, I am looking for it, waiting silently and missing it deeply. Hope to see you, hear your voice, even a word, will make people feel spiritual comfort. But a lot of work and social activities, so that you have little free time; the responsibilities and obligations of life, so that you are difficult to distract. But I can still understand and feel the affection from you. I believe that with the calm and calm of you and me, we will be able to grasp the balance between reality and romance.

You and I are far apart, one in the sky, one on the ground; you and I live in different spaces, one is a mountain in the south, the other is a river in the north, which brings endless thoughts and troubles. Hope to see each other but afraid to meet, want to get partial and afraid to lose. Contradictory psychology haunts you and me. Reason makes me give up, feelings let me cherish; reason laughs at me asking for trouble, emotion is glad I found a bosom friend; reason pulls me back, emotion drives me forward day and night, I struggle in the whirlpool of reason and emotion; all the time, I suffer in the entanglement of emotion and reason. It is your sharpness and honesty that discerns my anxiety and dismay, your tolerance and encouragement that melts my worry and depression, and your thoughtfulness and comfort that dispels my confusion and melancholy. A thousand words can not finish the admiration for you, a thousand words can not say the yearning for you.

How much you want to be a cloud, wandering in your sky; how much you want to be a gust of wind, gently passing by you; how much you want to be a drop of water that falls on your clothes; how much you want to be a song that sings in your ears. I do not expect to go back in time, nor do I expect to tie the knot in the afterlife. I just want to cherish this life, listen to the call from the distant starry sky, and fly to the vast starry sky with you. Advanced science and technology can make us meet unexpectedly-online

The distant star, perhaps I can not get you, can not have you, but you show in front of me chic and wisdom, your calm and taste, will always shine, attract me to explore, to pursue.

Even if it is difficult for me to see you in this life, lovesickness will not change. You are a star in the vast universe, so let me be your satellite, revolving around you in a fixed orbit of life, neither with you nor with you.

Even if you and I can only look at each other in this life, it is the helplessness and cruelty of the mill, but as long as you and I are connected and connected. Each other can also experience that joy and happiness!

The star in the night sky is a heart I admire. I do not complain about the loneliness of waiting, nor do I regret the pain of Acacia. Because you miss me, too!

Let my thousands of thoughts turn into a deep blessing to you!

Bless you and everyone in the world.

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