My sadness is driving in the sun

Slowly miss as an indispensable part of life, there is no so-called put down and do not put down, is not persistent, so that love in the heart out of beautiful flowers, regardless of the wind moon.

-- inscription

Choose a sunny day, with my yearning and sadness, get on the train where I don't know where to wander, no one will say in my ear not to play with my cell phone when eating, and no one will wake me up early in the morning. And I, just think about it so extravagantly.

Full of scattered scenery gallop in the train window, tourists take out their mobile phones to take pictures, each scene will take some pictures, as if you were sitting next to me at that time, but now, things have changed. I can only watch silently, but the scenery is still in my eyes.

I am suddenly lost, what is love? Give and ask for nothing in return? Do you get something in return for what you give? And all this really does not have a real answer, it seems that as long as let go, all figured out, even love is not important.

Never thought that infatuation is a sharp weapon to poke the heart, each time the pain is more clear. My best friend, Ah Li, always likes to pull me to talk about heaven and earth, but in the end, he will inevitably return to the topic of feelings. He said to me, it's been a long time, put it down! My bitter smile.

How can it be so easy to put it down? feelings are not a thing. You can put them down if you say so. When we met, it was fate, but the beginning of love is not so easy, every time the ups and downs will spend a lot of thought and time to cross, and finally miss you. At that time, the earth really revolved around one person.

A sudden change is faster than lightning, and it all comes to a ready end at the beginning. Leaves will always fall, who will care about the pursuit of the wind or the tree does not retain, as long as it is green in the process of growth.

Friends often leave messages in my space, and most of them are sentences with such meanings as there are plenty of fish in the sea. I don't reply, because I always keep my original love, all this is not for getting back together. I just want to put the feelings that once belonged to us in my small space, whether it hurts so much that I don't want to bother others.

Occasionally I see some sentences like this. I can't put them down because I like them deeply at first. There are many such things, which I don't agree with, and I don't object to, and I won't be happy because I can't let go and fit so many beautiful sentences. Different feelings have different stories, just like falling in love at first sight.

A chatty girl asked me, "do you regret paying too much?" I said, I didn't want to regret it. She asked again, is it worth it? People have found new happiness, and you are so obsessed with it that your eyes become sad every time you hear her news. I said, if you like it, it's worth it.

In fact, many people will answer this. The difference is whether it comes from the heart or not. I like this kind of faint yearning, not that I can't put it down, but that I don't want to put it down. Good things are worth it, despite the salty sea water.

I choose such a windy and sunny day to wander, meet a beautiful story happened in my eyes.

The author is full of vicissitudes of life.