Tonight, rain knocks on the window

Rain knocks on the window tonight

On rainy nights, I like music.

All the noise of the day outside,

Be the quietest you can be.

At this moment, the room slowly flowing not only music,

There are those smoke mood.

The thoughts that had never been stranded woke up at this moment.

Awake suddenly, come and go of drop,

All the wonderful things the years have given me.

The journey of life, thousands of turns;

The life of gathering and dispersing is mixed.

Like in these years of gain and loss,

Go with time.

Tonight, rain knocks at the window, waking me from my sleep.

Through the still of the night ink, dripping on my windowsill.

Tonight, rain knocks on the window, but my heart is still.

Open palm, lost years in the vein looming.

Tonight, there is rain knock window, panic in a trace of haste.

Like a passer-by, carrying a happy journey through me.

The quiet years, the rush of time,

Let quiet heart suddenly gave birth to a kind of inexplicable melancholy.

Rain outside the window, this time you come,

With enthusiasm,

Do you allow me to accompany you to listen to the prosperity of the world,

Whether to give me a string of time accompanied by a clear sound.

Tonight, through the rain curtain, let me quietly miss.

A knowledge in the heart, years of fragrance ripples;

A touch of lovesickness into a dream, dream interdependence.

Such as sunny after the rain, shallow joy, quiet love.

Some of the past, always dust settled, exciting.

Some moved, always dark fragrance whisk sleeve, full atrium.