Being alive is the highest honor of life.

For the meaning of life, people only from the awe of emotion, it is difficult to say its root. As a life, we need to live in the years there are always too many reasons, as a life, we need to leave this world is probably not less.

The process of life, everyone is similar. On the other hand, everyone has his own understanding of the perception and mind of life. If we say that living experience is a sense of existence of life, then the behavioral ability reflected by the weight of the soul and the power of the spirit is probably the meaning that people should respect when they live.

Being alive is the highest honor of life! The direction we work hard for all our lives is to keep a share of time and true feelings with each other in the journey of life. And living like this is a very beautiful thing.

Beauty is not only a realm that life yearns for in time and space, but also the most sacred mission in the journey of life.

For this mission, we seek and bump in the wind and rain day after day, sometimes turning hands with fate, sometimes shaking hands with ourselves, sometimes with years and grudges, and sometimes with the beauty of life.

Wind and rain give birth to clouds and clouds, and the sun and moon shine on the earth. Heaven and earth are the Tao, and landscapes are bound by fate. And people are constantly in such a fate, go through the hardships of years, taste the bitterness of life, understand the difficulties of the world, know the warmth of the world. Reading and appreciation of American articles

The complex and changeable years make it difficult for everyone to live. The end of prosperity is desolation, the back of happiness is pain. Sometimes, in the face of the life and death of our loved ones, the disaster of life, the indifference of human nature, and the ill-fated fate, we are not confused in loneliness and silently pray for peace at the same time. As long as life is alive, difficulties are nothing.

In fact, life can't be as good as you think, but it won't be as bad as you think. Life is originally a song, sad or melodious, is the process of life. When the mood is bumpy, there is always a harbor; when the soul is wandering, there is always a rest. To live is the sword to overcome all difficulties, and to live is to transcend all noble honors.

In the movie "I am not the God of Medicine", in the face of threats from law enforcement officers, the aunt shouted loudly: we do not want to die, we want to live in the voice of mourning and mourning, praying for the truest instinct of human nature. It is the greatness and sanctity that life needs to live.

And the lovely one in this film, who earned the yellow hair of countless people's tears, performed a thrilling feat of true feelings in the world at the time of his youth in order to save his friends. This kind of behavior precisely interprets the value and significance of living as a human being.

It is lucky to be born, and even more lucky to be alive. Even if we live unsatisfactorily, even if we have thousands of reasons to complain about life and curse fate. But everyone's life is only once, to be able to live unfortunately, is also the greatest luck in life!

Yu Hua said: at first we came to this world because we had to come; in the end, we left this world because we had to go. In fact, to come and go is a poem without title, and everyone has his own form of writing. And to be able to live affectionately in the difficult years is the highest honor that life enjoys!