Where are the people who came out of the mud and didn't get stained?

A middle-aged woman is not as good as four pupils. This is what I witnessed on the bus. The specific process is as follows.

A middle-aged cyclist who had just got off work for a day was driving on the road. when he passed a bus stop, a woman with things in her hands walked across the road. She didn't seem to see the cyclist and went straight up. As a result, the man and the bike fell to the ground together. What is hateful is that the woman looked back and left. I don't know what she said. At this time, several primary school students came by. They were waiting for the bus. When they saw what had happened, they came to help and helped the man and the bike together.

Such a phenomenon may be widespread in society, and what I want to say is that it takes education and time to eliminate it. When we were young, we were pure, out of the mud like a lotus, and completely obeyed the teacher's instructions. With the growth of age and the understanding of society, those good qualities in us have been diluted by society, sunny and rainy, and even washed away, and there are few people left out of the mud.

I'm not blaming someone like that middle-aged woman. I have to blame this society. If the people around her do well, she will, too; on the contrary, there will be the evil cycle that happened above. Maybe something similar has happened to her, so she doesn't get out of the mud anymore.

Where are the people who come out of the mud and don't get stained? This society needs such people, and it will become like that after a long time, but we Chinese are so many that we can't change this social atmosphere for a while, and we need time and education. I will wait until that moment. I will start with the little things around me now.

Author: draw passion