It is impossible to pretend that online literature does not exist.

In China's literary map, network literature and serious literature often exist as a pair of words, separated for a long time, almost no intersection, always parallel on the road of spring snow and lower people. Although network literature has a large readership and has become an increasingly important literary style in our time, this does not change the status of network literature as a inferior person in the map of Chinese literature. Network writers are a group that has been classified into another book, a miscellaneous army in the writing team, and most of the regular army of writers 'associations despise them. In addition to some literary website network literature awards, in all kinds of domestic literary awards, are serious literature beauty, network literature has been intentionally or unintentionally ignored. On the one hand, this shows the closeness of the traditional literary circle in China; on the other hand, it exposes the arrogance of serious literature to network literature.

This closeness and arrogance must be changed, and is being quietly changed. The 13th Chinese Literature Media Awards will be presented in Shunde, Guangdong Province at the end of April. This year, a new initiative of the Chinese Literature Media Awards is to include online writers in the awards. In addition to the original outstanding writer of the year, novelist of the year, essayist of the year and other six awards, the Chinese Literature Media Award this year added the annual network writer award, after netizens voted and expert evaluation, Liu Xiahui, Zhao Xizhi and the running snail these three network writers won the award, together with Jia Pingwa and other six writers on the podium, received the literary honor.

A thousand readers have a thousand Hamlets. Perhaps you think that this year you have not selected the most commendable online writer in your mind. Perhaps the selection of annual online writers is far from perfect in terms of details. However, including online writers in the literary awards not only realizes the literary ideal of resisting obscurity and advocating creation in the Chinese literary media awards, but also opens a window and opens a gap for the closed space of today's literary circle. Demonstrated a new possibility.

The marriage of literature awards and network literature may break through the boundary between serious literature and network literature, eliminate the division between the two, thus enriching our literary resources. Chinese literature is confined to the circle, serious literature has become a self-circulation fact, network literature and serious literature die of old age, which is the current situation of Chinese literary world. Under such a literary ecology, the public's literary craving is actually forced into an unsatisfied predicament. When we repeatedly claim that literature is dead, what we lament is the alienation of readers from serious literature and the decline of creativity in serious literature itself. On the other hand, network literature is rising and growing as a new literary force, becoming a literary force with infinite vitality although it is miscellaneous and wild. I have no intention of comparing serious literature with online literature, but in the face of such vigorous literary power, we should not treat them as non-existent anyway. Literature awards, as a literary yardstick, naturally can not avoid the existence of this literature.

Therefore, the Chinese media move, beyond the tribute to a few network writers, even beyond the literary award itself. Its significance lies in our recognition of network literature and the correction of the current literary award system.