Miss, the appearance of true love

Miss, as gentle as water, as gentle as dream, as lost as cloud.

Yearning is like a continuous morning fog, lingering in the brow and heart.

Missing is like an endless path, stretching my desire, my search, my dream.

Miss through the clouds of indifference, boundless, endless

Miss, the appearance of true love.

Whisper, your name. Invade the softness of whose heart?

Although it is far away, although it is filled with sadness and pain, although there are ups and downs, joys and sorrows.

But the words of true feelings travel through time and space, through thoughts, narrowing the distance between you and my life!

Miss you, those times filtered by the running water, are always in tears and laughter

Quietly the most beautiful love among adults, leaving behind a touch of pain.

Momo fleeting time, who for whom gentle years, and who for whom amazing time?

Who is gazing in whose affection? Who cares at whose fingertips?

Is it true that you can always laugh when you put your thoughts on the tip of your brow?

Is it true that if you gather your thoughts in the palm of your hand, you will never have trouble?

In the end, there is no end to the end of the world, or is it one percent short of it?

Think that the end of the world is far away, in fact, in the bottom of my heart! Thought it was very close, but it was untouchable!

Lonely misty rain, always so long. A tear slid down the cold cheek and finally understood:

I stepped into your world of mortals, you embedded into my life.

In the world of wind, love is a kind of waiting; in the world of rain, love is a kind of helplessness.

Because, I don't want to take the oath.

Abandon, therefore, I keep the waterway of the agreement, never deviate!

I just want you to know that no matter how haggard the beauty is, no matter how long we are apart.

My heart is still in place; my love is still in place! You are my dream, you are my warmth.

Even if you are not by my side, as long as I think of you, I will always feel stable and secure.

Who, in the branches of the four seasons, weave a string of Acacia?

Who, in the shallow flow of time, sprinkle all the way to cherish?

In the soul dream, every season will have the missing, always want to use a kind of exquisite way, let the missing magnificent.

Always want to use a tranquil mood, so that miss perfect

The day is cut into one paragraph, and each paragraph is related to you!

Wherever I go, there is your shadow in front of my eyes.

You are not in front of my eyes, my mind is always thinking of you, unforgettable.

If, love must be long-awaited, can be unforgettable

Dear, for you, I am willing to turn into a butterfly, follow in the end of the world with you, follow in the days and nights with you

Year after year! Dancing gently in your gently dripping pen and ink, listening to the sound of season after season of flowers blooming

In the next life, you have to wait for me, stand in place, waiting for me to find you.

May there be no more smoke, no parting posture and wet hug between you and me in the afterlife.

Author: ink lotus flower