I'm sorry I loved you all summer but never dared to let you know.

Thank you, when my audience deceived, when my protective color

Protect my cowardice.

Then we laughed and quarreled every day, and I don't know since when I have a sense of dependence on you that I shouldn't have.

Every day I will say that you are a sissy, you will call me a national treasure.

We will have noise every day, but then I left the school, let us go back to the origin, no friends in the name of the origin.

I never knew that I would miss everything and your quarrel so much after leaving.

I miss that every time I want to sleep late in the classroom, you keep making noise in the back.

I miss that every time I feel bad and don't want to play with you, you always hold on to my clothes.

I miss that every time I want to eat snacks alone, you always come and rob me.

But then I heard that you had a good life with your her, and without my interference, you had no quarrel.

Sorry to bother you for so long.

I love you so much, but I can only stand in the distance and watch you sweet.

After I left, I changed and cried, and I would laugh and play with others.

After I left, I changed to want to cry and know how to hide and learn the habit of learning without you.

I wish you happiness, not a blessing from a friend. No one will sing a curse song on your next birthday.

I often dream about the summers we spent together

You love her, and I have been affectionate, thinking that you love me, not her.

I thought I was important in your eyes. I don't know until now that you love her.

We are just a simple relationship, after leaving, we can no longer contact each other.

I have a good life here, and everyone cares about me and treats me well. I will cherish it.

I'm sorry I loved you all summer but never dared to let you know.

I will forget that the next time I meet, I will not be so familiar.