I miss you tonight.

Tonight, I miss you. Outside the window, the plum fragrance lingered, and the flower branches slanted in front of the curtain. Breeze, gently carrying a blurred moonlight, through the glass window, with mysterious eyes, take a close look at me.

It, seems to see through, my fundus shallow melancholy, thick miss, to my strange smile, and light fly away. But can not take away, I miss you earnestly.

Tonight, I miss you. In the night sky, a millet-white crescent moon, like, tears that accidentally fell on the love letter, dizzy and dyed, blurred and poignant.

I, still by the window, facing the curved moon, whispered softly: far away, how are you today? At the moment, do you feel that on the other side of time, there is a person who is thinking of you silently?

Tonight, I miss you. On the frosty glass window, I began to draw you with my slender and fragrant fingertips.

Draw your flying eyebrows, draw your affectionate eyes, suddenly, fingers were this affectionate curtain, kissed, gently trembled, painting messed up your sideburns, I, distressed tears fell all over my cheeks.

Tonight, I miss you. The night is still cold and long, the lights are dim. The breeze, dancing on the plum blossom, singing softly, a sound, a sentence, just like you in my ear, affectionate whisper, gently touched my heartstrings, played a gentle lingering movement, such as the sounds of nature, such as divine music, such as the gurgling sound of the stream, so sweet, so enchanted!

Tonight, I miss you. Miss a person's night, is so long. Chew your name over and over again. The candle on the case, trembling gently from time to time, is it also moved by how much I miss you? Otherwise, why has it been crying silently? Is it possible that the candle also misses another candle?

Tonight, I miss you. Want to hold hands with you and take a walk under the meniscus. I want to be with you and compose heart music before candlelight. When I miss you, my heart is enchanting and elegant. When I miss you, your figure unconsciously appears in front of my eyes. When I miss you, your words pass by in the bottom of my heart.

Because I miss you, there will be a warm current at the bottom of my heart, warming every nerve and vein of me. When I miss you, I will think that you and I have the same feelings, in love, until death; in friendship, sincere and honest. When I miss you, you and I are on the same road.

Tonight, I miss you. Fingertips gently, touching your phone number, but never dialed. When you want to be alone, you don't have to let that person know.

Silent concern for the most innocent, silently miss the most affectionate! You don't understand me, I don't blame you!

Distant you, when your heart filled with an inexplicable move, you know, it is because I am thinking of you! When you inadvertently, there is a figure passing by, you know, it is also because I am thinking of you!

Tonight, I miss you. I will not ask, far away, whether you are also thinking of me. I will not tell you, at this time, I am thinking of you!

But I will tell myself silently, I hope tonight is the last time I miss you.