When you get used to it, it becomes natural.

Everything yesterday has vaguely become an old dream, light and shadow fleeting years, those young years. You have left a touch of scratches, in my heart, has been faded but has not disappeared. Our naive smiling faces, lost green years, to the end did not say thank you, left, used to become natural.

Or naive years, smiling face, shy, and silly appearance. Probably at that time I do not know anything, just simple love, you give me that kind of sunny feeling. I still remember that in class, you always liked to go back and talk to me about other things, and the teacher pretended to be as if nothing had happened. Every time there is a problem, you will always help me solve it, and you will help me read the examination paper. I just feel like I owe you a thank you. For a variety of reasons, what was agreed did not come true. I didn't expect to see you for the last time. A few years have passed, our fate is no longer social, somehow, I hope we will all be happy.

Often think of that period of time, always feel very warm and happy, give each other a period of happiness, it is enough. Can no longer see, I hope you are happy, get used to it, it will become natural, along with fate.