Meditation at dawn

At the sound of the morning chicken, I woke up from my dream and looked out of the window at the deep blue. My heart is for the star and moon that is about to disappear? Or is it for the mood in last night's dream? There is no need for any inquiry, I can ask for peace of mind. Yes! I know that the morning light is shining and the dawn is coming. Why don't I release the hope of a new day in the blue morning light?

I am good at intertwining dreams and hopes. Over the years, I am used to building a magnificent palace for myself with brilliant dreams and hopes. Although all this gorgeous things are often washed away by the torrent of time and broken by the wind and rain of reality, I have never been depressed or disappointed.

Now, for example, I am looking at the window, looking forward to the dawn with hope. I want to write freely my dreams of last night and today, and freely write words that I think are poems and paintings. I am not a poet, so I may not be able to say clearly what kind of words can be called poetry and painting? & lsquo; chicken singing accompanied by the remnant moon on the roof, footprints have stepped on the new frost on the bridge & rsquo; is a kind of artistic conception of poetry and painting, so at this time in a foreign land in Yunnan, I am staring at this undulating mountains, blue as the sea scenery, can all this be regarded as fresh poetry and painting?

I should give you the blue peaks and the blue morning light on Wechat. I hope you will take a look. You will feel a piece of eye light, sometimes looming in the distant sky, sometimes close to you, how do you feel? I say you have the aura of the dragon, really empty, like outside the form, like a dream but not a dream, real and hazy. Perhaps you will think that such a picture is too abstract and my words are too obscure. But I am stubbornly convinced that you can understand this picture, you can really understand my words. In short, everything is free, everything is read by people who are willing to read my calligraphy and painting! I can't make everyone like it. In my opinion, as long as one person can understand the symbol I describe and one person can like the words I pour out, then I will be satisfied. Of course, it must be you!

Know that you like blue, blue night, pure blue lake, light blue butterfly, and everything in the blue series. You also know that blue is also my favorite color, however, my favorite is blue. Because, blue symbolizes vastness and vastness, blue reflects depth and serenity, and blue symbolizes purity and spirit.

Yes! If the dream is blue, then the dream must be as pure and sacred as a fairy tale. How many times when recalling the blue dream, there is always a blue cabin, always a blue sky, always blue birds in the breeze, and the quiet winding path is also in full bloom with light blue cornflowers, and there are golden bells whispering blue songs in the flowers.

Like blue, but also because blue represents the mature Qingyan, contains the infinity of reverie, whenever staring at the blue scenery, it will produce a lot of reverie, ethereal and ethereal.

At the moment, I lean gently against the window of this strange mountain residence. I look forward to the dawn. I hope the light of the dawn will come with fragrance. In that case, I will daydream; go to the Sichuan-Tibet prairie with you, in the clouds, in the fog, we graze the pure white sheep and the happy hearts, white is pure, the spirit is sacred, let them get together, snuggle closely in the light blue butterfly flowers, the flowers are pure and beautiful, the leaves are young and rotten, against the blue sky, dancing with a pleasant breeze, yes! The blue sky light of the Sichuan-Tibet Plateau is so beautiful, facing this charming blue poetry and painting.

Can I build a small shepherd's cottage, back to the snow peak, in the face of the blue sky, I hope to live an ordinary life, I pray for inner flawlessness, in the picturesque blue mood, taste Jingmei paintings every day, read calm poems every night, how beautiful this life should be

The morning light shines, I wake up from my reverie, I think, I should write a short poem, dedicated to you who love blue, but also to this beautiful blue scenery, although the poet may not be the poet, but, at the moment, I hope I can become a poet.

Because this tranquil blue makes my heart full of painting.

Because, this piece of pure blue, let my chest full of poetry

Author: the elegant cloud of meditation