melancholy mood

The silent city seems especially desolate in the sunset gradually lower, the red dizzy head shines on the nearby mountains, and after that, the color full of vitality is projected into the youth with clear outline. Looking at the distant scenery, the heart is full of longing and sighing. Suddenly, the sunset is infinitely good. It's just a plot near dusk

I don't know when a breeze has stirred up my hair to cover up my intoxicated performance, as if to tell the arrival of night. The night is soft and beautiful. Kneeling in the middle of the city, the vast starry sky, the full moon, is especially dazzling. The whole earth is silent. The night has long been shining. It seems that everything has come so suddenly. Just now it was sunset. Now when I open my eyes, it is covered with a gray coat. When I look into the distance again, the gray coat takes off its heavy color. On the colorful coat beauty, is quietly silent in people inadvertently lights in a unique way to show people her graceful performance lights slow and slightly rhythmic dance without a trace of nobility without a trace of dazzling luster calm posture shows people unexpected eyeball pupil dilation in the gradual contraction,

If you listen to a song at this time with a particularly beautiful outline, don't you think it's particularly comfortable? Of course, this is just what I think.

Far away under the stars Oh no, not so much in front of a graceful girl Her shy face peered at the crowd she enveloped Lights falling through the streets In a noisy city Like a boiling bowl of delicious food People greedily embrace the deserted streets The silence is broken by a sudden girl and sent to a sudden bright and lively opening speech projected into people's greedy eyes

The boy stood resolutely at the top of the bridge-it seemed to me that he could not find a better place to see the scenery than here. The boy frowned and wept. He seemed to tell me why such a beautiful scene lasted?

Yeah, well, The sky suddenly began to rain, as if to cover the dazzling city with a layer of mist, the hazy scene, the lights flashing, the pedestrians rushing to the bridge, the car, the lovers, the laughter of the children, the scenes full of vitality and harmony, so that everyone smiled, so warm, so kind, like holding hot tea outside the glass, watching the world, even if it rained, the heart emitted a warm breath on the glass window. Of course, God is always so unhappy that the passage of time brings the girl back. The torrential rain falls down from the sky with lightning speed. The endless crowd becomes thin and the laughter disappears. Most of them are people's complaints. The continuous rain is so lovely and hateful. The rain destroys the warm curtain. The teenager is full of disappointment. The sudden intruder.

After a heavy rain, the streets became desolate, and the water-stained streets stretched the boy's body long and long under the illumination of the lights

Until the yellow street lamp glimmers and the boy's shadow disappears Yes, it seems to me how wonderful everything is Summer spreads faster than we expect Summer is full of beautiful memories The shame of the past Let it go We are like last summer He spreads faster than we can erase the whole memory Of course, this is not a bad thing Summer is full of sweet happiness and painful epitaph.

Author: Addiction