I don't know the so-called random thoughts.

At the beginning, I knew that the end was in the seconds that my fingers could count, but for what, I was still playing the game of chasing each other with you, indefatigable

When I wake up, I still recall that I was so crazy, so tangled, so infatuated, so at a loss. I always remember that in that day, I looked at everything like this sadly and watched you leave.

You do not listen to my dissuasion, such stubbornness, no one owes each other, but a group of passers-by on the journey, laughed so many times, moved so many times, thought about you so many times, and hesitated so many times.

This is how the good mood disappears, the neglected emptiness and loss, the thick sense of security and the strong you and me continue our story.

Author: good morning, youth.