The moment of parting

The boring day will soon be over, so just write something. Today is the last day off for my current job. I have entered the countdown to work. I will leave this familiar environment after this week. I was a little reluctant to give up, but I had to leave. Because there are too many memories in it. Some are very happy, some are very sad. Put it away happily. Delete all the unhappy ones.

Friends say that I am a sentimental person, in fact, I do not know what kind of person I am, in the twinkling of an eye, when it is time to leave, I always wonder if I am too attached to the present environment, whenever someone leaves, it always worries me for a long time, so that I miss them for a long time, miss the past, and can never go back to the past. But today I also have to leave, a few years later, meet again, may friendship last forever, may each have fulfilled their dreams, may we all have everything we want to have now. At this moment, I offer myself a song of Bon voyage. May the road of life be smooth in the future, life can be calm, and there will be no more ups and downs. Because the heart is tired, can no longer bear those fleeting beauty.

Some friendships are worth cherishing for a lifetime, ha ha, brothers have to mix well after I leave, only after experience can I understand, I firmly believe that the friendship between brothers is a lifetime, I suspect that love is floating clouds? Sometimes I wonder if it is not even an ordinary friend. I will always miss the moment when we drink together, when the most sincere feelings are revealed. No longer think about the days when we used to walk together, the broken heart needs to be protected by cocoons. But in any case, I still want to thank the years we spent together, after all, that short happy time is really happy. If predestined, this life will be able to meet at the ends of the earth, if predestined, and then sigh this regret-free youth, if predestined, let us build a bright future together in the brilliant moment of life!

With regard to emotion, nothing is more pure and sincere than the feeling left here. Although this feeling is not vigorous, it runs through my life, such as a trickle, nourishing my heart, never drying up and sometimes lying in bed. I will think of a lot of the good times we used to have together, but why do I never forget you? why do I never forget you? why do I stop for you? With the pity that I should not have, I should not do this, or dare not face it. Care about your feelings for me, will occasionally think of me, even if it is a moment, what kind of mood, with what attitude to look at me, or perhaps, I am too affectionate! I've been thinking too much. How much helplessness is there behind the smile?

Every time I come home from work alone, I will habitually log on to QQ, never invisible. I just hope you can see me online, although we no longer speak. But what I always see is your gray avatar. In the few friends column, one by one online, offline. Once a good friend is now so strange. And for you, will I have disappeared in your friends column? Once you have become so strange, it is a kind of sadness that can not be expressed in words. Maybe only I can understand this feeling.

Love she is cruel, I treat you every step so carefully, trembling, like walking on thin ice, can not tolerate any mistakes, like do not dare to blurt it out, put it in my heart, and never dare to ask for the future. Maybe you are the broken-winged angel from heaven, never belong to me, and I can't afford to hurt. A lot of words can not be expressed in words, can only bring back their own memories bit by bit.

Closed my eyes, really want to sleep to take away my memory, but the heart can not be quiet.

I don't know what this departure can bring me, maybe this is a plain road, or maybe the road waiting for me is full of thorns.

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