The reason I work hard to live is to stay away from such people.


When browsing Weibo, I saw a professional lawyer blogger complain about indifference, but after reading the full text, I was silent.

The lawyer took two children, aged six and a half, to take the train. They bought tickets on the upper bunk but not next to each other. After getting on the train, the lawyer and his wife wanted to change places with others.

The lower bunk is a boy who looks like a college student. after consulting with him, the boy refused the request because of an injury to his leg.

The lower bunk next door was also a college student-like boy. The lawyer and his wife asked for their own upper bunk. The boy refused without hesitation to sleep in the lower bunk.

The lawyer and his wife began to be unhappy, and after the train started, another girl with glasses came up. The couple again put forward a request to change the berth, the girl agreed, the couple discussed to make up the price difference for the girl, the girl said it was not easy and then politely declined the money.

Finally, the lawyer said on Weibo that sure enough, girls are kinder than boys, and that he hopes that boys who do not change shops will not encounter themselves when they become fathers.

However, this ironic tone is really infuriating.

It is the couple who justifiably find someone else to change the shop, and the price of the upper and lower berths is not the same. If they have to change the shop, the increase of money itself is the right behavior, but the couple regards it as a boon.

Anyone who has bought a train sleeper must know that the lower berth itself needs to be robbed. Since others can buy tickets for the lower berth, it shows that others have made more efforts than you have done in advance.

As parents, taking their children in public places can not avoid their children's noise to have a certain impact on others, but also morally kidnap others to pay for their own efforts not in advance. When you meet someone who doesn't want to pay for it, you have to make a little sarcasm on the Internet, which is really annoying.


Recently, a screenshot of a moments has been widely circulated.

In the content, a little boy defecates everywhere in Tiananmen Square, while his parents are not ashamed but proud, and post the photo on the social platform, showing off.

For one thing, parents expose their children's privacy to the public in this way. Second, this kind of behavior without quality is really shameful.

Just two days ago, when I went to dinner with my friends, I saw a mother walking with her child in the restaurant. The child said that she had gone up to the toilet.

The mother picked up the child, pointed the child at the nearby trash can and peed in it. I was stunned by the scene when I was eating.

In the hotel, the toilet is only dozens of meters away, parents are not willing to take it with them, but casually find an open trash can to pee, regardless of the feelings of other guests in the hotel.

After that, I asked the waiter whether he could stop this from happening again. The waiter smiled helplessly and said: this kind of thing is out of control, you say they will be scolded instead.

Therefore, there is no choice but to be silent.

When there are many such things in life, there is more helplessness in return.

You have no way to convince others to be reasonable, have the quality, and be a less selfish person. So all I can do is to strive to improve my living standards and try to meet as few such people as possible in my life.

When you work hard to make money and have the ability to improve your spending power, you will find that the low-quality people around you will really decrease.

Although this method may not be the most correct, it is indeed the most useful.