One-third of doing business and seven of it depends on being a man (it's worth seeing)

Chapter one popularity determines wealth, and only by being a man can you make money.

1. It's a blessing to suffer losses, but businessmen should be generous.

2. good deeds bring popularity, and to help others is to help yourself

3. No matter how broad your mind is, how popular you are.

4. Without virtue, there will be no wealth, and intrigues cannot last long.

5. Those who win popularity will win the world, and those who gain popularity will gain wealth.

6. Earn people first and then make money

7. Only by being honest with each other can you know each other from heart to heart.

In the second chapter, harmony leads to wealth, and there is no human relationship in business.

1. Peace is the most precious in everything, don't fall out with others easily

2. Be calm and have a good state of mind when doing business

3. Let one step in exchange for goodwill, and fight for one step leads to bad luck

4. Leave a way to live for others and a way to make money for yourself

5. Demeanor is demeanor, and harmony can be achieved without arrogance or rashness.

6. It is the absolute truth to earn money together

7. Harmony gives rise to wealth, and it is appropriate to keep an eye on things when they grow.

8. Only kindness can make money, and competition is not a fierce struggle.

Chapter III less shrewdness and more credibility

1. Be honest, be kind and have nothing to lose

The best guarantor is himself.

3. Honesty is the foundation of a career.

4. Cheat for a while, not for a lifetime

5. don't joke about your reputation.

6. Be honest and do business in good faith

7. Only those who are honest can make their career bigger.

8. Honesty is your best advertisement

9. Liars will eventually be deceived.

Chapter IV true feelings pay, there is a return

1. If you give, you will get something in return.

2. Respect your employees

3. Compare your heart to heart and give a little more love

4. Persevere in peach and plum in return

5. Give care and love to the weak

6. The most direct emotional investment

7. What you lose, you gain.

Chapter V Business cannot be done without personal connections

1. Contacts determine financial connections, and it is easy to make money from both sides.

2. Accumulate your personal passbook

3. Good interpersonal relationships bring unexpected wealth

4. when there are many friends, it is easy to do things, and use friends to do business.

5. Water your own tree with other people's water

6. One more friend means one more way to make money

7. One fence, three stakes, one hero and three gangs

8. Keep low and make best friends

9. Accomplish great things with the help of dignitaries

10. To do business, you must first learn to deal with people.

11. Where there are contacts, there are opportunities.

Chapter VI one must be shrewd and good at cooperation in order to expand the business.

1. Working alone is not long, walking alone is not far.

2. be a man with an atmosphere, and don't forget the win-win situation in cooperation.

3. if you have money, don't be too greedy.

4. The combination of strong and strong forces will be stronger, and the strategy of self-development of businessmen

5. Cooperation is a profound science of interpersonal relations.

6. Pay attention to character and learn to choose partners

7. Sincerity is the best cooperative attitude

8. Never go it alone

9. Be a man with an open mind and tear each other apart.

Chapter 7 be flexible. There is no way out if you copy mechanically.

1. Be willing to use your brains and be good at thinking

2. The brains of businessmen are the most valuable.

Innovation is also a kind of competitive mentality.

4. Win by surprise, a surprise among the favorites

5. Strive for the initiative and take the lead step by step

6. Mobile and flexible, it is difficult to tell the true from the false

7. Be decisive and do things quickly

8. There are only people in the world who can't figure it out, and there's no road that can't be taken.

9. To be a man, you should have new ideas and always be in the forefront of the times.

Chapter 8 keep a low profile and be a good person

1. If you keep a low profile, you will lose if you show your edge.

2. Can bend and stretch, can be rigid and can be soft

3. With the ups and downs of business, you can't be too simple.

4. Show some compassion and don't make things impossible.

5. Be clever rather than worldly

6. Go down the river, not against the current

7. To be a man, you should be able to afford and put it down.

8. Think about both things and people

Chapter IX self-cultivation and self-cultivation

1. Character cultivation: character is the foundation of the body.

2. Moral practice: a gentleman loves money and takes it wisely.

3. Perseverance: suffering is the best teacher

4. Will training: eat vegetable root, Pepsi can be done

5. Self-cultivation: self-learning and self-reflection

6. Character training: strengthen your faith while waiting

7. quality training: do it when you think about it, and never be indecisive.

8. Mentality training: bold and careful, not reckless and impetuous

9. Physical and mental cultivation: physical and mental recuperation, relaxation degree

10. Virtue cultivation: to be an educated person

11. Ability training: be a man with foresight, which determines success or failure