There is a liquid called tears, there is a feeling called heartbreak

It's not painful to give up someone who loves you very much.

It's painful to give up someone you love very much.

It's more painful to fall in love with someone who doesn't love you.

If there is fate, time and space are no longer distance.

If you don't have the chance, you won't be able to understand even if you get together.

You don't have to care too much about everything, let alone force it, just let it go.

To escape may not be able to escape.

Sad, not necessarily the saddest.

Being alone is not necessarily unhappy.

If you get it, it may not last.

If you lose, you don't have to have it.

May be sad for some reason.

But you can find a reason to be happy.

Love is nothing but happiness.

If two people can't be happy, it's better to be happy alone.

It is better to fulfill one's happiness than to make two people miserable.

Love is a kind of feeling, even if it is painful, it will feel happy.

Love, is a kind of experience, even if the heart is broken will feel sweet

Love is a kind of experience, even if it is broken, it will feel beautiful.

Some losses are doomed, some fate will never have a result.

If you love someone, you don't necessarily have it.

But, I just can't erase the dribs and drabs you left in my heart.

Love a person is not alone, want a person lonely

Quiet yearning, lonely enjoyment

Let go of the clouds in the sky and abandon the vows left behind

Like a person, lost, like losing their beloved things although regret, but will not love a person, lost, will leave a wound

There will always be a dull pain.

Don't love your whole life because you are lonely.

Don't be lonely all your life because of the wrong love

There is a yearning called silence.

Between us, deep down

That feeling will never be mentioned again.

Author: Xiao Beast