Valentine's Day phobia

I am tired, I am really afraid of what will happen on Valentine's Day, let me go, if you TMD looking for someone, how should I face you. Spring Festival is coming, is it going to divorce? I am satisfied with the current situation, I do not want to change anything, I hope you must self-respect.

You don't deserve to let me again bone-chilling sad once, I will never forgive you, hurt myself. NTM really want to be so cheap, go to shit it. I believe I can do better myself.

Also, on Valentine's Day, in order to prevent you from going out to play with money, I will remove your money and bank card before you go out. Don't blame me for being ruthless. Everything is for this family.

If you still want to be so shameless, then I'm sorry. Although I look down on you, I still want to forgive you and even reform you. Therefore, if you are shameless, then we will completely tear open this veil. Get lost! I don't care!

Also, I will take good care of the child, if you must, I do not object (if you can win the lawsuit). I'm not lowering myself for my kids anymore. Go fuck yourself!!

Author: Qianli Litchi