Draw a circle in place. It's not that simple.

Life is never so simple, and so are dreams. Nothing can be taken for granted. The so-called ideal is very plump, the reality is very bony, what should be said is this reason.

Sometimes I feel that I have too much sense of superiority, so when some lost results are placed in front of me, I can't accept them, and those sorrows will pour in. In this case, it's best to stand alone in a corner and stay quietly for a while. It's best not to let yourself speak in silence, or the tears will inadvertently overflow. At that time, it will be particularly ugly, and I can't help it. Tears can never be taken back into poetry.

I hate to see myself crying, because I am ugly and naive, so I must try to learn not to cry, to face life with a smile, to bear pressure and to grow up as fast as I can. I am really afraid that others will see through me. I hope that in your eyes I will always be the girl who loves to laugh, confident and happy. I will be very good. I am who I am, no one can replace me, the only one in some people's heart. If you don't understand me, don't come near me, keep your distance and live in peace with each other.

Forget what should be forgotten, remember what should be remembered, bury your sadness with a smile, wait for those immature dreams far away, and bury them in the depths of your heart.

Small thoughts are seen through again and again, helplessness and sadness freeze into ice, do not dig out the most fragile self-confidence in my heart, too real myself just aggravate some harm, too self-aware so know to be strong. But the more so, the more tired my heart, my camouflage ability is not enough, so let you see my frustration, my fragility. Tacitly do not explain everything, too thoughtful, too independent is not a good thing, I just better than others will find excuses, or choose default is better, even if the occasional grievance is also my own, this is life. Unable to change my life, I can only change myself and learn to bear everything. One day I will become very strong and I will.

When it comes to happiness, I don't know where to find it, I can't find it, and my heart doesn't know where to rely on it. Stay in this city about you, but I am not lucky to meet you again, you have your own life, I do not have the heart to disturb you, once I was too persistent young, this summer can only use short hair as a souvenir, dear friends, you are so far away from me, I spend a year to bet, maybe I will come back, or maybe go further, but you have been in my heart, if you have not contacted for a long time Doesn't mean I forgot, I just lost my number temporarily.

Author: Zhong Ling Yuxiu