If you can be no stranger.

If you can be no stranger.

Then we can still have a good chat.

If you can be no stranger.

Then I can still ask if you are all right.

If you can be no stranger.

I can also say Happy New year to you on the phone.

If you can be no stranger.

We can also play together like friends when we are free.

But, but...

All this unexpectedly makes strangers a mirage.

Become an empty dream in the mirror.

I thought about it and smiled.

Think about it, and then you cry.

I keep asking myself

Why are there so many strangers in the world?

It is caused by ignorance.

Or pretend to think you're strong?

Think that such friendship and care are no longer needed.

Still think that we can find someone else to replace it.

What on earth made the mistake?

To allow strange plots to take place.

The speechless way makes a turning point for the story.

Let the protagonist in the story suffer immeasurably.

Can we not let us think of tears in the future? can we sincerely ask you a question?

Can we not be strangers?

Keep in touch with each other

Many people envy you for being happy.

When it comes to your happiness.

I'm going to sneak out.

And then you forget me.

But at the moment,

Let's not be strangers, okay?

Don't make each other feel unbearable.

But, but

You won't answer that question.

You will be silent.

You won't talk.

I wish we could switch roles.

To give me a choice.

Give me a time to think.

To relieve the pain.

But I made up my mind soon.

I didn't hesitate too much.

I'll just blurt it out.

I'm never going to be a stranger again.

I want to laugh with anyone.

But the terrible reality

Let my fantasy die in the cradle.

Can't even show any dead gesture.

And no one knows that I've been trying hard.

In this way, I haven't implemented the amorous feelings yet.

Declare failure like that.

I'm stubborn. I'm desperate.

But why am I so persistent that my head is bleeding?

Strange but still wrote the ending

Why does fate never sympathize with me?

Or is it another test for me?

But why am I so sad?

What I'm asking is so simple.

Why didn't heaven give it to me?

Is it my fate?

You won't be happy over and over again.

Being alone is the destiny of my life.

I can never get what I want.

In the end, people sympathized with them empty-handed.

Past events, present events, future events

The past is so childish.

It's a little late when I know.

This is such nonsense.

By the time I understand it, I can't get it back.

What happens in the future

Would I still be so bohemian?

Take other people's heartache for granted?

I don't think I'll do this after all.

Who I am now.

How I don't want to be a stranger to anyone.

There will always be a person on QQ.

I still have a place for her in my heart.

Quiet, waiting quietly, watching silently

It's always quiet.

Quiet to death

As long as you don't be a stranger.

I can accept anything.

As long as it's no stranger.

Everything seems to me to be happy enough.

Everything seems to me to be quite satisfied.

I will never be sad or worried again.

If you can be no stranger.

I'm willing to step back.

I'm willing to step back all the time.

Step back to a dead corner where no one knows.

Hold on to the happy ending of the story with a gesture that others don't know.

I will always use the most humble posture

Hold you high.

I will use a look that is no longer arrogant or indifferent.

To write the next chapter for this life.

To give you a preface to the splendor that has never been seen before or since.

I think I can hold on.

I can hold on to the end.

I think I'll insist.

Because if you insist, you can be no stranger.

Because persistence can make you understand that it is not a mistake to know me.

I think the unbearable pain of the years to come

Will make me abandon the determination to turn into a stranger.

I will keep a person until the end.

No longer say strangers to a person easily.

Today, I finally know how sad it is to be a stranger to a person. I can't bear it.

Just people I don't know.

Do you know that?

I don't know anymore.

Just in the years of youth

There are too many stories

There are too many people passing by

There are many people who turn into strangers.

I still forget how many people there are.

Because of my willfulness, go away.

Because of my posture of inaction

Because I'm not sensible.

Choose to be a stranger to me.

Choose not to speak.

When I see you later,

Unexpectedly became a stranger.

No more greetings.

No more blessings.

No more names.

Not in the most intimate way.

The way I waved my hand out

Suddenly came to a standstill.

Because no one remembers me anymore.

Someone passing by.

As if walking past me with amnesia

It's all back to the beginning.

I didn't know each other at first.

Finally, we don't recognize each other.

I can only look at the person I used to know most.

And walk away.

And now I think of the time I will encounter again in the future.

Tears welled up in my eyes

The pain can't speak.

Author: miss Meng, the most beautiful